Monday, December 11, 2023

Lago Junior and Luis Muñoz, two more warriors for the cause

He Malaga CF It needs the greatest number of players with the maximum involvement in these five days that remain to finish LaLiga SmartBank. And with a view to next Monday’s match against Huesca at La Rosaleda (6:30 p.m.) recovers two footballers who should be fundamental pieces in the blue and white salvation, Lago Junior and Luis Muñoz.

The Ivorian attacker has been the best addition to the winter market, the last window in which Manolo Gaspar was in charge of the sports management. Lago contributed since his arrival, with goals (3) and good performances, and an untimely injury has slowed him down in the last three days. The African was injured as soon as he jumped onto the green from the bench in the game at La Cerámica against Villarreal B and then he had to miss the home game against Cartagena and the visit to Lugo.

Fortunately, Ruben Castro and Pablo Chavarria They have known how to live up to it, they have taken a step forward and have managed to ensure that Lago Junior was barely missed. The team managed to win all three games -Villarreal B, Cartagena and Lugo- with great performances from the Canary Islander and the Argentine, who until that moment in Villarreal were sharing titles with the Ivorian. The winger is now fully recovered from that muscle injury and the viral process that prevented him from being at Anxo Carro and will surely enter the call for the clash on Monday against Huesca. Will he return as a starter? Is very soon to know it, but blessed “problem” Pellicer has if he has to choose between Lago, Chavarría and Rubén Castro, seeing the level of these last two in previous games. It is possible, depending on the progress of the clash, that the three could meet on the pitch, although it is difficult for it to happen from the start unless the coach opts for a very offensive eleven.

Luis Muñoz is also back in group training and if there are no setbacks he will also be available for the important clash against those from Alto Aragón. The man from Málaga could not be in Lugo due to injury and now his role can take on even more importance due to Ramón’s injury. The blue and white captain is one of the options available to the coach to replace the midfielder, who will be out for several weeks.

Ramón was being very important in the last days in that double pivot with Febas, and now Pellicer must look for a replacement for him. Luis Muñoz is one of the options to replace him, although he has plenty of competition. In Lugo, Jozabed was chosen to take his place when the man from Órgiva had to retire due to injuryand there are also other alternatives, more defensive, such as using Genaro, N’Diaye or overtaking Escassi to the center of the field. But the most important thing is that Málaga once again has two players with plenty of experience and quality to contribute in this final stretch of heart attack.


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