Saturday, December 9, 2023

La Rosaleda says goodbye to professional football with a monumental anger

Malaga CF and The Rose Garden say goodbye to professional football… until further notice. This Saturday, against Ibiza, the Martiricos stadium saw its last minutes in the silver category, until the blue and white club is able to ascend and once again be among the 42 best clubs in the country. As expected, the attention was more in the stands than on the pitch, with whistles and chants for the green and the box, the main culprits in the descent of the blue and white entity to hell.

The tense atmosphere of the previous clash moved to the stands when the members of the Animation Grada agreed to their seats 25 minutes into the game. The sepulchral silence that invaded La Rosaleda turned into a storm of chants towards players -some individualized messages-, directors and other positions of responsibility of the club, with special prominence for the judicial administrator, visible head of the entity and, therefore, maximum person in charge of the club march.

José María Muñoz, harshly pointed out. Gregory Marrero

What was going on was the least similar to a Málaga CF match at La Rosaleda. Zero attention to the grass, the game did not give rise to it either, and all eyes focused on the stands. There were whistles when the public address system recounted the lineups, when the players left the pitch and in each nonsensical action of the footballers.

And the box of thunder was unleashed with the final whistle. It was the final goodbye to 25 minutes in professional football and it was left to take out the anger for the last time. The whistle and the usual “Players, mercenaries” sounded loud when the blue and whites said goodbye from the center of the field. But it did not stop there. For many minutes, from the Animation Stand and other sectors of the stadium they demanded that the squad return to green after the enormous failure they had accomplished. But the club ignored it. The players no longer set foot on the pitch at La Rosaleda, most of them won’t do so anymore.

More protests with the game over

Almost an hour had passed since the final whistle when the fans were still in the stands of La Rosaleda. Threat of invasion and insistence on demanding the presence of the footballers: “If the team doesn’t come out, I’m not leaving here.” After that time, as if it were a bugle call, the fans that remained in the stadium withdrew in a herd towards the door of the parking lot where the players had to leave in their private vehicles. There the songs and moments of tension returned, waiting for the protagonists to appear.

Too bad everything. just 5 years ago the Malaga played in First division and in a few months he will have to compete in the third category of Spanish football. The images experienced in La Rosaleda during and after the match are a faithful reflection of the fact that everything that could be done wrong has been done. Few were spared from the reproaches. And that is the reality. Málaga is out of professional football and that is how it must be assumed.


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