Tuesday, September 26, 2023

La Rosaleda has the last word

La Rosaleda and the victories are not going through the best streak of their relationship. 165 days have passed since the blue and white fans celebrated the last triumph of the Malaga CFthat distant November 20 against Las Palmas (2-1). Since then, the account has been growing, even two more coaches have been on the bench and the situation has become complicated in LaLigaSmartBank. However, this could, and for everyone’s sake almost should, end during the month of May, when La Rosaleda will have the last word and will pass judgment on the season.

The fans know that their spirit is essential. The Málaga pitch and its fans have historically been feared by other clubs, both in the First and Second Divisions, and even in the Champions League. It is known to all that when the public presses the rival comes down a bit and, why not recognize it, it is more complicated to ask him according to what things.

Málaga CF arrives at La Rosaleda this Saturday with a large part of its future at stake with that distance of only four points over relegation. Pablo Guede’s team will have two home games and two away games until the end of the season. However, regardless of whether or not they can score in the fields of Tenerife or Lugo, the category can be saved at home with a single condition: winning both games as an essential signal. If those from Martiricos got the six points that are at stake at home, they would be virtually saved, since, if so, they would force Amorebieta and Real Sociedad to win the four remaining games. In other words, it would not give salvation mathematically, but it would be virtually a fact, except for an unlikely carom.

The truth is that the team has been in a worse situation than the current one and it is not necessary to throw much memory. Málaga CF entered matchday 39 of the 19/20 season with just two points ahead of a danger zone that included Real Oviedo, Lugo, Extremadura and Racing. What lay ahead for Sergio Pellicer’s team? As now, two home games (Deportivo de La Coruña and Alcorcón) and two other away games (Sporting and Almería).

So staying in the Second Division was much more complicated than it is at this time, remembering the number of professionals and the chips. The first step of that squad was successfully completed, as it was to beat the Galicians (1-0) and thanks to that victory the advantage became four points.

The luck He was not on the same side regarding the match against the Asturians (2-1). However, the real victory came two days before the end when Málaga CF won at La Rosaleda with a 2-0 result against Alcorcón. What did this entail? That Pellicer’s men had achieved, thanks to their two local victories, mathematical permanence.

So the example is there. La Rosaleda has the last word again, three years later. The team from Costa del Sol and the main objectives are going to go through the local condition and the great challenge begins this Saturday with a first rival such as Real Oviedo.

We will have to see what atmosphere there is on Saturday afternoon in the stands of Martiricos. The field must be a pressure cooker. The fans must “die” with their team to add 3 points that seem key to fulfill the objective.


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