Tuesday, September 26, 2023

La Liga president apologizes to Vinicius

Real Madrid’s Brazilian footballer Vinicius Junior has been subjected to racist behavior many times before on the field of play. But this time the racist treatment received by Valencia fans was extreme. Finally cried in the field. La Liga president Javier Tevez apologized for the incident.

Vinicius was subjected to racism during Sunday night’s match against Valencia in the Spanish La-Liga. He then called Spain a racist country on social media.

La Liga president Tebasio took to Twitter in a tweet to respond to Vini’s criticism. Where he instead blames Vinny.

But this time Tebas apologized to Vinicius. In another tweet, he said, ‘I have always said, this is the work of my entire work team. When people or a section of them receive a particular message, it is correct. So, I apologize for that. Because, I realized that not everyone understood what I wrote in the tweet. Especially in Brazil.’

(25 May/MM)


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