Sunday, June 4, 2023

Kylian Mbappé is close to leaving PSG

the future of kylian mbappe in it Paris Saint-Germain is in doubt, since the striker does not seem convinced to continue at the club, according to reports in the newspaper L’Equipe, there is a possibility that the psg seek to negotiate his transfer to another team.

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This decision has generated concern among the club’s shareholders, since if it is not sold soon, the player could leave in June of next year without generating financial gain.

mbappe He has until July 31 to decide whether to activate the option to extend his contract until 2025. If he decides not to, PSG will be at a crossroads, either transfer him to another club in exchange for a large sum of money or start a negotiation with the aim of persuading him that his future lies in becoming an icon of the club.

The possible exit of mbappe aroused the interest of various European clubs, such as Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and even Chelsea. These teams could enter the dispute to sign the talented French striker, who is looking for new challenges and the opportunity to establish himself as a star in more competitive leagues.

He psg faces a complicated situation, since it runs the risk of losing one of its most important players, time is short and the board will have to make strategic decisions to ensure the best result in this uncertain scenario.


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