Friday, September 22, 2023

Krishna Abhishek’s reconciliation with Govinda, the comedian said – If uncle gets angry, he will be able to impress you…

The fight between comedian Krishna Abhishek and Bollywood actor Govinda is well known. Now in the recently telecasted ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Krishna told that things are slowly getting better between him and maternal uncle Govinda. In the latest episode, Parijad reached Kohla along with Richa Anirudh, Mini Mathur, Deepti Bhattnagar and Renuka Shahane. Like every time, in this episode, Krishna came on stage as ‘Sapna’. One by one he started throwing his punches.

Krishna said this
Renuka asks Sapna how did you become so thin? To this Sapna replied that there was a gap of 6 months. On this Kapil said- When you knew that other channels do not pay, then why did you go there? After this, Krishna jokes on Renuka’s husband Ashutosh Rana and tells him that ma’am, I am your big fan. I have seen all your movies. You recently did a film called ‘Sri Sri Govinda Mera Naam’.

Kapil corrected Sapna on this and said that the name of the film was ‘Govinda Mera Naam’. Krishna said on this that I cannot take this name directly. He is my uncle. Along with this, while hitting a punch line, Krishna says that if the pajama falls, he will bend down to pick it up and if the maternal uncle gets angry, then he will lash out.

Please tell that the fight between Krishna and Govinda is not taking the name of ending. There has not been a patch up between the two so far. Both are seen avoiding each other a lot in public as well. Often both Govinda and Krishna have been heard saying things for each other. On the one hand, Krishna wants to reconcile with maternal uncle Govinda, while on the other hand, Govinda seems to be telling things differently while keeping his side.

Talking about the work front, nowadays Krishna is seen having fun with Salman Khan in the episode ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. Comedy is seen adding spice to the show. Apart from this, the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has now gone off-air. After a few episodes, this telecast will stop. Kapil has gone on a US tour with his team, but Krishna is not a part of this tour.


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