Friday, March 24, 2023

Kluivert gives Valencia a break

A goal from Justin Kluivert in the 74th minute allows Valencia get out of relegation momentarily after an intense game in which the locals dominated an Osasuna that did not worry Mamardashvili and in which the VAR intervened three times, twice to rectify red cards for the visitors and once to decree a penalty in favor of the locals, which Hugo Duro missed in the 90th minute.

The Navarrese, who had not known defeat at home since the beginning of the year, he was handcuffed by him Valencia and he was not able to shoot even once between the three sticks against a much more intense opponent and to whom only the lack of aim in the final meters made him suffer until the end.

Osasuna He entered the game in Mestalla with force and claw, dominating the ball judiciously and locking up Valencia although without depth in the final meters.

Diakhaby had the first great opportunity for the black and white after a corner served by Castillejobut his header went slightly wide, so slightly that even the Valencian fiefdom scored a goal.

Osasuna tried to get rid of the local dominance with quick plays, but Valencia exerted good pressure to recover the ball on the edge of the area. The VAR intervened in the 22nd minute to annul the red card for goalkeeper Sergio Herrera after an action with Hugo Duro that the goalkeeper resolved bravely and cleanly.

Kluivert continued to unbalance the match, but Osasuna’s defense, led by Aridane, He remained well planted to clear the centers into the Dutchman’s area. Hugo Duro was also agitated, who saw how Herrera avoided his goal with his head in the 32nd minute.

In the second part, Osasuna monopolized the ball in the early stages and began to bother Valencia with a great individual play by Abde who rejected the black and white defense and with shots from Chimy Ávila that went far from Mamardashvili’s goal.

After the initial arreón, the forces were equalized in Mestalla, where the entry of Nico and Lino changed the dynamics of the game and once again made the Valencian team dominate. In 74, Valencia did not miss a loss in the departure of Torró that ended up in the boots of Kluivert, who hit the squad with great coldness and quality to unbalance the game.

While heJagoba Arrasate’s changes had no impact on the game, those of ‘El Pipo’ did, Well, as soon as he left, Ilaix put a measured center for Lino, but Herrera put out a brilliant hand to reject his header (m.82).

In the final minutes of regulation time, the VAR intervened on two occasions to rectify a red card for Aimar and decree a penalty for Thierry that Hugo Duro was in charge of throwing, who ran into Herrera again, who guessed the intentions of the ‘ché’ striker (m.91). There were seven added minutes, but Valencia held on to the result to catch air and come out of relegation against a dedicated Mestalla.


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