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Kissing scene was to be done with Ajay Devgan producer, Kajol, the actor told how the shoot happened

The year 2022 was very good for Bollywood actress Kajol. First, the actress made her digital debut. The name of the film was ‘Tribhanga’. After this, she was seen playing the role of a mother in ‘Salaam Venky’. The film did not do anything special, but it was definitely said that its climax definitely made people’s eyes moist. Kajol has now signed her next project. A Hindi remake of the hit show ‘The Good Wife’ is being made, in which Kajol and British-Pakistani actor Ali Khan are going to be seen.

In a recent interview, Ali spoke openly about shooting a kissing scene with Kajol. He also told that Kajol is his childhood love. She has been the only actress in the Bollywood industry on whom Ali had a crush. From the experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan to the upcoming film ‘The Archies’, the actor also talked about Nadir Ali’s podcast.

Ali told the experience
Ali Khan said, “When I was young, my favorite actress was Kajol. I have been watching her work for almost three decades. I had heard that Kajol is very angry. And now that I have finished shooting a series with her, Lee Hai, I got a chance to know him closely. In this series, I am playing the role of his boyfriend. Where I have a kissing scene with Kajol. Yes, there is a smooch or you can call it a French kiss.”

Ali Khan told that on the day when this kissing scene was to be shot, Kajol’s husband i.e. Ajay Devgan was not present on the set. I have become Kajol’s boyfriend in the series. I am the owner of a company and Kajol works under me. One day both of us are trying to solve some case, only then a romantic moment comes between the two. In the series, both of us have also been shown as college friends. Ali said that on the day when both of us were to shoot the kissing scene, Kajol’s brother-in-law Ajay Devgan was not on the set. This series is made under the production of Ajay himself. I had chewing gum in my mouth. We were shooting in a posh hotel in Mumbai.

The director asked us if you guys want a close set. Means only a few important people will be present in the room at that time during the shooting. not all. I asked Kajol and the director that how should I approach Kajol to kiss. At that time there was neither hesitation nor any panic in my mind. It was a professional shoot, this thing of mine was also taken in the same professional style. Me and Kajol rehearsed the kissing scene three to four times. We both went near the monitors. Asked each other if we were okay. are happy. And we both shot the kissing scene. After completing the shoot, Kajol said to me, ‘Thank you, my darling’.

Let us tell you that the remake of the web series ‘The Good Wife’ was announced last year. This original series ran from 2009 to 2016. In this, Juliana Margils was seen in the lead role. There were seven seasons of the series. The Japanese and South Korean remake of this series has already been made. Sheeba Chadha and Kubbra Sait are also going to be seen in the lead role in the Hindi version. It is written by Hussain Dalal and directed by Suparn Verma.


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