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Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan Review: Not a director-superstar but an action director’s film

On the special occasion of this Eid, superstar Salman Khan has brought the gift of his most awaited film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan for the fans. Powerpacked with action, this film is really a treat for the audience. Read this review to know.

Bhaijaan (Salman Khan), a resident of Delhi, is the messiah of his locality. The MLA of that area (Vijendra Singh) is upset that his power does not work there and he is unable to get hold of the land there. On the other hand, Bhaijaan spends his life on his three brothers Luv (Siddharth), Ishq (Raghav Juyal) and Moh (Jassi Gill). He has objection to the marriage because he believes that the entry of a girl in life creates differences between the brothers. While girls are already present in the lives of their brothers. These three can get married only when their brother-in-law falls in love with someone. It is here that he encounters Bhagyalakshmi (Pooja Hegde) and the three brothers engage in a confrontation between their elder brother. The family of South Indian Bhagyalakshmi is against violence. Bhaijaan hides his identity and meets Bhagyalakshmi’s brother (Venkatesan) and his family. From here comes a new twist in the story, where some such incidents happen in Bhagyalakshmi’s family, to deal with which Bhaijaan has to show his reality. Will Bhagyalakshmi’s family be able to accept Bhaijaan now? What is the secret of Bhagyalakshmi’s family? To know all this, you will have to turn towards the theatre.

Farhad Samji, who has directed films like Housefull 4 and 5, Hera Pheri 3, has brought his new film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. Farhad’s work seems below average in this film made on the official remake of South’s popular film Veeram. Rather, while watching the entire film, it becomes clear that a director’s vision has been overshadowed by a superstar. Well, the film is very weak in terms of story. The screenplay is so average that the jugalbandi of South and North, grand set and two big superstars of the film industry are also unable to save it. The film remains confined only to its larger than life feeling.

Weak screenplay ruined all the efforts

Dialogues and emotions are so superficial that sometimes you laugh and sometimes you get annoyed that how can the audience take so much taken for granted, the film served with a great packaging disappoints a lot on the golden screen. The funny thing is that these days, efforts have been made to incase the South and Bollywood Tashan going on in the social media, but the weak screenplay has ruined all the efforts. Farhad needs a lot of introspection on his direction. Well, in the first half, the film gives the flavor of Bollywood films and after the interval, there is a tadka of South film flavor and in the climax the story is finished by blending these two. This could have been a good concept.

The pairing of Salman and Pooja does not fit at all

From the very beginning, due to the over drama, absurd dialogues and forced love story in the film, your mind seems less on the screen and more on your mobile. However, Salman’s entry will be liked by those who like masala films. Salman’s swag is on top wearing a jacket flying in the air. But the pairing of Salman and Pooja doesn’t seem to fit at all. Especially the VFX done on Salman’s face, many times it is clearly visible on the screen that with the help of technique, an attempt has been made to reduce his age by twenty years. Yes, the film picks up its pace in the second half, but there is a lot of fun in the 20 minutes of the climax. In fact, the last few minutes of the film are a treat for those who like masala films.

technical and music
The strong side of this film is its grandeur and production work. At the same time, the action of the film gives an ice on the cake feeling. While watching the entire film, you can give it the tag of an excellently choreographed action film. Action director Irrfan Khan did a tremendous job. Sometimes Salman flying in the air, sometimes Bhaijaan fighting with his long hair in the metro train, each fight sequence seems to be on top. Especially when Venkatesh comes in his action avatar, you definitely feel like clapping and whistling. In an action sequence of less than five minutes, he takes the entire show. Salman has to be praised in this matter, because he considers himself very secure as an actor and does not dominate anyone. The work of the entire action team has been amazing. The best action sequences of Salman till date will be seen in this.

The cinematographer has taken full care of the larger than life feel of the film. The film looks very grand and beautiful on the screen. Had the dragged love scenes been edited, the mood of the film would have been different. Salman’s involvement in the music was excessive but on the screen he is seen disturbing the pace of the story. However, despite putting so much effort, the effect of music hardly stays on the mind of the fans for a long time.

Satish Kaushik and Villain have won
The casting of the film has also been done on a large scale. The mixture of South and Bollywood was amazing. Salman Khan, who has spent such a long time in the industry, is still found uncomfortable in emoting emotional scenes on screen. His crying on the screen does not make you emotional from anywhere. Pooja Hegde has done decent work. His pairing with Salman was very mismatched. That chemistry is not visible. Kareena’s casting in the film would have been perfect instead of Pooja.

Shehnaaz Gill, Mrinal, Palak Tiwari had their debut but screenspace is not available enough to showcase their talent. Raghav, Jassi and Siddharth are natural as younger brothers. The best work was done by late Satish Kaushik, whenever he appeared on the screen, he did wonders. Venkatesh’s character is that of an emotional brother, but he is more appealing as an angry man in the film. Bhumika Chawla is not seen doing anything amazing in the film. Vijender Singh, seen as a villain, looks stylish on the screen but his discomfort is clearly visible in the dialogue delivery. His presence is registered in the form of Jagapati Babu who became South Villain.

see why
The film can be seen for a great action. Apart from this, it can also be given a chance as a clean family entertainment. This is a treat for the fans of Salman Khan. Fans will definitely whistle to see their brother doing such a powerpacked action. Overall Eid is the occasion, go with the family and enjoy the festival with this film.


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