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Keeping some suspense… everything was already known, don’t know where Pathan missed!

Pathan….teaser came….great response….trailer came….and tremendous response…advance booking started, records were broken and Shah Rukh Khan returned to the big screen after four years. No interview….No going to the Kapil Sharma show…Only on the power of star power, closed theaters with single screens were opened…..Early morning shows got housefull like South…. Means the buzz is of a different level….but wait….hold the emotions for a while….the role is fantastic…is the result the same? Are the crackers of Pathan puffed up? let’s know


Outfit X is a private terrorist organization, not like Lashkar or Al Qaeda, but works like a business. Loyal to where the money came from. The head of this outfit X is Jimmy (John Abraham). Pakistan’s general wants to attack India. Such an attack which has never happened before… In Kashmir, the Indian Army defeated the Pakistan Army, so this time it is taking the support of this private terrorist company. India has got the input of this attack. RAW..IB are all alert… But who will stop Jim….the same Pathan. Pathan (Shah Rukh Khan) is a brave officer of the Indian Army. He was badly injured in a mission and felt that his career was over. But he raised his new army. Similarly, some brave officers of the army were injured, who felt that now they would not be able to do anything for the country. Now this team of Pathan will stop Outfit X…Pathan will also meet Ruby (Deepika Padukone) on the mission….who is, what is the role…it is not right to tell here. So just why….where….how for all the questions like this offer of Siddharth Anand has to be seen.

Took full care of Shahrukh’s fans

Have to agree…Pathan came….brought crackers along with him. This film is nothing less than a treat for the fans of Shahrukh Khan. It is made for them only. Those whistles play….they dance with Pathan….this is what the makers want….the first show was housefull….it seems from the reaction of the people that the film has been successful in this department. The mood set by the opening scene of the film…the way Shahrukh Khan was introduced….the makers should be commended for that because more people than Pathan were waiting for Shahrukh’s comeback…he was seen in that scene I just felt it. There are not one but many such scenes in the film which have been kept only and only to show Shahrukh Khan larger than life….. Shahrukh’s fans should not be disappointed anywhere… the focus is on this. But now where did Pathan miss the point?

Keeping some suspense… everything is already known

Shahrukh’s fans don’t see any flaws in their King Khan’s film anyway. We see. Not one, many, big or small, when the trailer of Pathan came, everyone knew that the story looks very similar. Have seen this before also. Believe me what you had thought then while watching the film, it will be seen happening in reality.

You are no Dhirendra Shastri, but for some time you will also have the power to tell the future. The story is absolutely predictable. Meaning nothing has been kept in the name of suspense. What could prove to be the biggest twist of the film was known to everyone even before the release of the film. Due to this, the fun has faded in the scenes of Pathan which become big highlights. You already know about the big scenes, there is no suspense in the one with Tiger, an attempt was made to spin a different story about Deepika’s character, but they got defeated there too. His character has only weakened the story.

Acting’s ‘King’ Shahrukh Khan

Pathan’s acting department has been prepared keeping Shah Rukh Khan in mind. Not that no one worked. But everyone’s job was to support Shahrukh Khan. Looks like he was also told that it is King Khan’s comeback film. All the focus will be on him. If you see this bet of the makers from the point of view of SRK fans, it seems right. Every time Shahrukh comes on the screen, the fans dance with him. Shahrukh seems comfortable in this role, laughing a little while doing the action.

This action avatar of him is great. John’s work in the villain’s role is fine. His character in the film Dhoom was very similar to this role. The makers have given Deepika Padukone a chance to do a lot of action. Good thing, the lead actress was not restricted to just ‘beauty’. But as told, his character is weak in terms of the story. Can say quite weak. Salman is doing a cameo in the film, he is not hidden from anyone. It is a small role, mediocre fun has been given. In small roles, the work of Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana has also been right.

VFX weak…Direction mediocre

Pathan is directed by Siddharth Anand. Films like Bang Bang… War are his contribution. Now with Pathan again he has tried his best to bring that magic on the big screen. Tried because not many have been successful. Pathan’s story seems to be standing on a weak pitch from the beginning. As it progresses, countries change, some new characters appear, but everything seems like khichdi. There has been an attempt to somehow connect the links for the super climax. The VFX of the film is also not of a very good level. Have seen Brahmastra just now, so the expectations regarding that department have increased a lot. By the way, if you watch the film with more mind, then you will also get to see some such scenes which can be caught in your head. But let’s keep them in suspense for now.

So the only thing to be understood is that if you are a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, then definitely watch this film. King Khan has prepared this just for you. There are shortcomings regarding the story, some scenes, but the great thing is that Badshah has made a comeback. The same matters in the end.


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