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Kazi Salahuddin expelled from Sports Writers Association

Kazi Salahuddin has been expelled from the membership of Sports Writers Association, the oldest organization of sports writers and journalists in the country. He was an honorary member of this organization.

On Tuesday (May 2), the organization expelled BAUF President Kazi Salahuddin from the post of honorary member due to his offensive comments against journalists. On this day, in the emergency meeting of the executive committee of the organization, it was decided to cancel this membership of Salahuddin.

This organization gives honorary membership to proven sportsmen, legendary sportspersons. Bangladesh Sports Press Association (BSPA) or Sports Writers Association gave Kazi Salahuddin an honorary membership after becoming the president of BAFF in 2012.

BSPA, one of the top organizations of sports journalists in the country, wrote in a statement, “Buff President Kazi Md. The BSPA strongly protests and condemns the offensive and ugly comments made by Salahuddin and BAFF vice-president Kazi Nabil Ahmed about sports journalists recently. The extent of their hatred towards journalists is revealed in their words. They did not stop slandering not only the journalists, but also their families and even the parents of the journalists. It has seriously injured the entire journalistic community.’

The statement said, ‘His behavior and speech in the current context are contrary to the ideology of traditional sports journalists’ organizations. His snarky remarks hurt the self-esteem of sports journalists. Therefore, the Executive Committee of Sports Writers Association held an emergency meeting and decided to expel Kazi Salahuddin from the post of honorary member. Apart from the expulsion of Kazi Salauddin, the organization also condemned the speech of the vice-president Kazi Nabil Ahmed.

Earlier on December 30, Sports Writers Association selected the best athlete in the 50-year history of Bangladesh. Bangladesh cricket all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan was first and Kazi Salahuddin second in that list. Kazi Saladin being the second withdrew the award on behalf of Bafuf. There was a lot of criticism about this at that time.

(03 May)


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