Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has a different identity in Bollywood. Kareena has a different personality in the world of showbiz. Even though she may not do films every year, but then Kareena continues to shine in the industry. Away from the A-list race, Kareena sets her own benchmarks. This happened many times when Kareena adopted something new and after that the rest of the actresses followed her. From size zero figure to blond hair, Kareena has set many such trends in Bollywood.

size zero figure
When Kareena had adopted the size zero figure, she probably did not even think that how much it would become a craze among the fans. Kareena had changed her figure for the film Tashan. The actress also gave a bikini scene. This was Kareena’s first film with Saif Ali Khan. However, for this, Kareena was also scolded a lot. There are reports that Kareena used to faint many times while shooting on the sets. This step of his in real life had stirred up a new debate.


kareena blond highlight look
It has to be admitted that Kareena does not hesitate to try anything new. That’s why Kareena did what no one ever did. Kareena had her hair dyed in a light golden color for the film Aitraaj and Hustle. Although this look of Kareena was liked by the fans. But in the opinion of fashion experts, it is still counted as a disaster.

Jab We Met Casual Fashion
Who will not remember the film Jab We Met with Shahid Kapoor. Seeing the character of Kareena’s song in this film, every girl started considering herself as the same. And Kareena’s ‘Main Apni Favorite Hoon’ dialogue was on everyone’s tongue. Then how can we forget Kareena’s long t-shirt and Patiala salwar look. This look had become a favorite of college girls.

sari that was not like sari
One of the trends of Kareena Kapoor was also such a trend, which also gave a glamorous look to outfits like sari. The girls were so impressed by the sari look of Kareena Kapoor’s heroine and jasmine film, that everyone started adopting this fashion immediately. The fashion of wrapping the sari with a deep neck blouse was also started.


Kareena’s amazing pregnancy style
Kareena was one of those actresses who never tried to hide her baby bump. Kareena also set a different trend of maternity fashion. Kareena Bindass used to flaunt her baby bump. Be it a fashionable ramp walk or a Bollywood party, Kareena never misses a chance to surprise anyone with her style.

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