Friday, December 9, 2022

Kapil Sharma’s ‘wife’ Sumona Chakravarti will be surprised to do intense workout, users said – Akshay Paji’s effect

Sumona Chakraborty, who plays Kapil’s wife in The Kapil Sharma Show, is focusing on her fitness these days. Sumona is very famous among the audience for her funny style. But along with comedy, the actress also takes great care of her fitness and looks. A new video of Sumona Chakraborty has surfaced, in which she can be seen doing intense workouts.

Sumona’s intense workout

Fitness trainer Sakshi Kirpalani has shared Sumona Chakraborty’s workout video on Instagram. In this video, Sumona is seen doing rope exercises, weight training, squats. Sakshi told that Sumona reaches her every morning at 6 am for workout.

Many fans are liking Sumona Chakraborty’s video. Some are also having fun in the comment section. One user wrote, ‘Didi, don’t work so hard, your lips will get bigger.’ Another wrote, ‘I swear to you in The Kapil Sharma Show, I wait for your entry and you make me laugh without comedy.’ Another wrote, ‘The effect of Akshay Paji’s company.’ Another user wrote, ‘If Kapil ne dekh liya, the whole show will be made by God.’

Is the actress going to get married?

A few months ago there was news about Sumona Chakraborty that she is about to get married. There was news that Sumona is going to marry Samrat Mukherjee, cousin of Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee. However, Sumona Chakraborty told this news to be just a rumour. He said that the emperor is only his friend. By sharing the post on Instagram, the actress had said that no one needs to show interest in her personal life. She is not getting married.

Sumona’s insta post

facing this disease

Talking about the health of the actress, Sumona Chakraborty told in 2021 that she has been suffering from a disease called endometriosis for years. Sumona had this disease in 2011. He had told that due to PMS, his condition becomes very bad emotionally. For them good food, exercise and not taking stress is the way to stay healthy. Sumona is following this.

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