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‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ fame actress remained under stress for years after delivery, expressed her pain and said- ‘There could have been very bad consequences, if…’

TV actress Shweta Kwatra, who became famous with the character of Pallavi in ​​the serial Kahani Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, has recently made a big disclosure. Shweta told that she had been battling postpartum depression ie mental stress after delivery for five years. Shweta gave birth to her daughter Zahra in 2012. Since then she was facing this depression. Shweta disclosed this in an interview and told how she was able to come out of this stressful situation.

suffered depression after delivery

Shweta Kwatra told how she has been battling depression for a long time. It took him a long time to recover from it. Talking to TOI, Shweta said- I have experienced very severe postpartum depression. Now I do not take life casually at all, as I used to do earlier. Many people take depression very lightly. This really happens. This is a chemical change in the body, it does not happen just because of things like feeling sad or being bored. If it is not treated properly, there can be very bad consequences. I have suffered it for five years.

family supported

Shweta told how it becomes difficult for the family to understand how to handle this disease. Talking about family and husband Manav Gohil, Shweta said- My family has supported me completely. He remained my strength. But during this time it was very difficult for him to understand what I wanted. What phase am I going through? I also wanted to listen to him, extend my hand, in the right sense, studying like this proved to be the right step. The most organic way to understand this disease was to read books.

Shweta told that she now wants to do counseling of people. For this Shweta is studying further so that she can practice. Along with this, the actress will also continue acting. Shweta has worked in many serials like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kumkum, CID Sawal-e-Ishq.

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