Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jutta Leerdam, the beautiful and talented girlfriend of Jake Paul

He youtuber jake paul surpassed nate diaz in a boxing match and one of the first people he celebrated with was Jutta Leerdamwith whom he recently began a sentimental relationship.

Apparently, the american and the dutch they began to contact each other through instagramseveral months ago, to later start a relationship.

Now Jutta went to the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, this Saturday to support his partner, so he shared it on his Twitter account. instagram.

“I am very proud of you. You’ve only been in this sport for three and a half years and you’ve made some great fights happen. You inspire me so much with your work ethic, the way you think big, and your crazy determination. You are special, my champion”, was the message he published leerdam.

Despite dating a social media personality, Jutta Leerdam You count on your own success, it can even be considered greater than that of your partner.

The dutch She is a professional ice skater. She earned a silver medal in the 1000 meter Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. She has six medals in the World Speed ​​Skating Championships in individual distance (four golds, one silver and one bronze).

In the World Championship in short distance he has a gold; in the European Championship in individual distance she has won two gold medals and one silver. Lastly, in the short distance European Championship, he adds two gold medals.

He is also quite a celebrity in instagram count has 4.2 million followers, where he shares moments of his career, images in which he dazzles his followers with his beauty and now also photos with Jake Paul.


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