Friday, December 2, 2022

Justice and rumors

Our Unicaja evolves, with the victory in Santiago we continue to nurture something necessary in order to close the qualification for the Badalona Copa del Rey as soon as possible, all without losing sight of the FIBA ​​BCL competition.

Although Unicaja’s calendar has faced rivals that at some point could be described as propitious, I would like not to lose sight of the recent past, the one in which any rival, regardless of level, was capable of seriously compromising the Malaga team taking the colors.

The percentage of competition consumed so far is low, the best thing is that in a group emotionally as battered as the fans, the fact that the team does not remind us of the last three seasons is the best argument that the typesetters cling to to continue in mode optimistic this course.

Little is it important that lapidary data such as those provided by Beatriz Tocón on the parity in the success from the line of 3, being the worst team in percentage of success even having players who were supposed to have skills in the outside launch. The numbers say that this sample has not arrived, and automatically becomes another reason for optimism.

The same passing of the days not only goes with respect to the sporting aspect of the season, but also with respect to other circumstances. Just over a month after the death of José María Martín Urbano in the FIBA ​​BCL match against JDA Dijon, it is something that everyone knows, just as it is known that from these pages, from the airwaves of Cadena Cope or on 101TV, I have joined José Miguel Moreno’s request for the Los Guindos Pavilion to be renamed José María Martín Urbano.

The pavilion, something that today has no name other than the neighborhood where it is located, does not pay homage to anyone, nor does it remember any event. Therefore, beyond the sentimental involvement that I may consider, in a club like Malaga, which has traditionally been mistreating its history, as a kind of differential factor in its DNA, take the step to baptize that pavilion, headquarters of its quarry, with the name of the person who contributed so much to it, who put in so many hours of effort and work there, and who was able to give so much for the club, just seems fair to me.

I am not talking about what was said (and was put aside) about renaming the Ciudad Jardín Pavilion with the name of another illustrious deceased, Alfonso Queipo de Llano, that is something that depends on public institutions, which acted swiftly and swiftly to that the Ciudad Deportiva de Carranque carried the name of Javier Imbroda and that with the founder of the Caja de Ronda there are other types of procedures that are much slower, I hope not intentionally.

I am talking about a property that is the responsibility of Club Baloncesto Málaga and that, therefore, would only need the encouragement and agreement of its owner, the Unicaja Banking Foundation. When the death occurred, everyone without discussion talked about the appropriateness of the act, the recognition of the figure and the person who gave so much. What’s more, I believed it from the outset, since if there is something well done by Antonio Jesús López Nieto’s presidency since his arrival, it has been the attempt to reconcile with the authentic memory of the club, the one that inexplicably from within it they had insisted on burying and despising, that it was only going to be a matter of dates to choose which day was chosen for the act, but at the moment there is no news.

And the worst thing about all this is that the absence of news goes hand in hand with the flourishing of rumors, and there is everything about this. Malicious, wrong… everything. It hasn’t been a long time, but what is clear is that if there is spirit, speed appears on its own. Alfonso passed away in January and the issue is being forgotten there, Javier passed away on April 2 and three days later, the Junta de Andalucía changed the name of Ciudad Deportiva de Carranque. As that philosophical current of breakfast sugar sachets says: “It’s not a lack of opportunities, it’s a lack of desire.”

Within the rumor, what has gained strength lately is that they intend to name it after an interior track of Los Guindos de José María, and the other after Alfonso. It would seem to me the height of an unworthy poverty of spirit, which despite having seen almost everything since 1977 in this club, I refuse to believe that it will happen.

Hopefully all this that I am putting here joins those supposed signings of Ricky Rubio or Sergio Rodríguez that were sold to us in their day and that came to nothing, hopefully everything that was manifested in their day does not remain as the typical vain and empty message, hopefully this club is limited to having a fair performance towards the deserved person and with its own history. Of course, I do not know why they take.

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