Friday, December 8, 2023

Jury convicts Trump of sexual abuse and defamation and he calls it a “shame”

The former president of the United States donald trump was this Tuesday found guilty of “sexual abuse” and defamationbut not of rape, in the case resulting from the complaints of the writer E.Jean Carroll79 years old.

This is how he points out verdict that today reached in record time the New York jury that heard his case.

This is the first occasion in which Trump (76 years old and aspiring to a new term) is sentenced after leaving the presidency of the country, although last January his company, the Trump Organization, was sentenced to pay US$1.61 million for a tax evasion plot.

Carroll accused Trump of having broken in the changing room of a department store in New York in the mid-nineties, and also to defame her when she decided to make her complaint public in a book that came to light in 2019.

The judge warned that he would not admit no shouting or applause at the time of the verdict, and the complainant Carroll, who also attended this last session, showed no immediate reaction.

He also advised the jury that, although they no longer have an obligation to anonymity from now on, refrain from revealing your role in the trial or giving information about its course.

The jury was to decide whether Trump was responsible (a term used in civil cases) for rape, for sexual abuse or for touching, and the jury chose the second possibility, in addition to considering him responsible for defamation.

It also decided that Trump should indemnify to Carroll with a total of about US$5 million, of which two are for the “damages” caused by Trump in that sexual assault and US$2.7 million for what is related to his reputation.

Being a case that runs through civil proceedings, there is no sorrows associated jail.

The judge then addressed the lawyers and asked them if they had anything to add, to which both teams, defense and prosecution, responded in the negative.

The writer Carroll, who has attended all the sessions of judgment Showing great integrity, she left the courtroom without making any statements to the numerous journalists who besieged her as she left the courts.


Shortly after the verdict was announced, Trump called it a “a shame” in your Truth Social network account.

I have no idea whose is this woman This verdict is a shame, the continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time, ”wrote the businessman in a brief message written entirely in capital letters on his social network, Truth Social, minutes after the news broke.

Trump has always maintained that he did not know Carroll, and given the fact that he was photographed with her on one occasion, he replied that at that time he was associated with hundreds of people at social events to whom he shook hands or kissed without doing so. know them.

He has consistently accused Carroll of “liar” and even of “mentally ill”and not to seek anything other than fame and notoriety with his complaint, an idea that his legal team has made central during the two weeks of the trial.

For its part, the Trump campaign team also made public a first reaction against the verdict.

“In jurisdictions Totally controlled by the Democratic Party, our nation’s judicial system is compromised by politicians of the extreme left. We have allowed complaints false and totally fabricated by disturbed people to interfere in our elections, doing immense damage.”

With this, the campaign team recognizes that the verdict may have electoral effects for the 2024 presidential elections, in which Trump starts as a favorite against the re-election attempts of current President Joe Biden.


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