Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jumbo and the Slow Fashion Foundation launch the “Endemics of Quisqueya” collection

Centro Cuesta Nacional, through its Jumbo brand, together with the Slow Fashion Foundation, launched the “Endemics of Quisqueya” collection, which is made with recovered textiles, coming from the surplus of designers, textile companies and free zones and using manufacturing systems sustainable, which allows the revaluation and use of fabrics.

This is the first collection that Jumbo markets with a triple impact approach: social, economic and environmental. The Slow Fashion Foundation is leading this textile recovery initiative together with various key players from the private and public sectors, such as the Cuesta Nacional Center, HanesBrands Inc, the Banreservas Volunteers, the Mayor’s Office of the National District, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Needle Industry (Inaguja) and the National Climate Change Council.

“By joining this initiative, Jumbo reaffirms its commitment to contribute to the development of local products and at the same time raise awareness among citizens about the environmental threats that are looming in the country, especially assuming changes in our consumption habits. Moda Jumbo has been a pioneer in presenting Dominican designer collections at an affordable price. This new collection continues to support Dominican fashion and at the same time helps mitigate the impact of climate change”, explained Madelyn Martínez, Vice President of Marketing and Financial Retail of Centro Cuesta Nacional.

The Slow Fashion Foundation, together with institutions from the public and private sectors, and unions, launched the Textile Recovery Project (PRT), an initiative with triple impact (environmental, social, economic), which brings to the Dominican Republic a solution in terms of management responsibility and revaluation of textile waste. From this initiative, born Quisqueya Threadsa brand that seeks to educate and raise awareness about the impact of the local textile industry.

Cristina Cuadra, Vice President of Textiles at Centro Cuesta Nacional, commented that “the “Endemicos de Quisqueya” women’s collection presents fashion pieces that turn recovered textiles into colorful and different pieces; inviting and educating our clients so that they know about this process and can be part of this great initiative. We offer Dominican women a collection inspired by endemic species of the country, such as the Hispaniolan hawk, the manatee, the hawksbill turtle and the Bayahibe rose. The pieces are versatile, fresh and can be exchanged with each other, made from textile recovery, based on fabric waste that comes from free zones and designer workshops, allowing them to be given a second use and preventing them from reaching landfills. ”.

During the launch of this collection, the president of the Slow Fashion Foundation, Mabell Damirón, expressed that “this project seeks to mitigate the environmental and social effects left behind by the fashion industry, with this we will be able to implement actions related to education , green economy, textile re-engineering, revaluation of waste, circularity of products and generate positive impacts aligned with framework agreements and international treaties to achieve a low-carbon economy”.


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