Thursday, November 30, 2023

Julián Quiñones in the orbit of Rayados

One of the players who have raised their level the most in recent tournaments is Julian Quinonesvital forward in the scheme of the Atlas so that they will achieve the Bichampionship of the league. Because of this, he is a player of interest to many teams, including the Monterey Striped.

According to ESPN’s René Tovar, the Colombian is the key piece that the people from Monterrey are looking for to strengthen their lead in the absence of goals in recent tournaments, according to the journalist, the Albiazul board will bid with everything for the striker.

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After eliminating Tigres in the semifinals, the red and black striker showed his dissatisfaction with the feline fans for the poor treatment they gave him as a blue-and-white player, so the player returned this by celebrating his goals euphorically in front of his former fans.

Now, if his arrival at the “Gang” materializes, this rivalry will take on the color of an ant, since after more than five years with the San Nicolás club, he could now emigrate with those from Guadalupe and follow his ideals.

At the moment there is no concrete information, but the albiazul fans are excited about the incorporation of one of the forwards with the best present in Mexican soccer. More information is expected in the next few hours.


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