Friday, September 29, 2023

Juárez Women’s coach pushes one of his players; she ended up crying

The match between Juarez FC and Monterey corresponding to day 7 of the Women’s MX League lived an uncomfortable episode, after the coach of the borders, Oscar Fernandezpushed one of his footballers, a situation that caused controversy.

The last minutes of the match were played in the BBVA Stadium when the player of Bravos, Yuki Watarireceived a foul that ended up hurting his shoulder.

Given the intensity of the game, the team’s strategist pushed his player to quickly rejoin the match. Immediately afterwards, the Japanese-born soccer player came off the exchange and was seen crying on the bench, although it is not known if it is due to the pain in her shoulder or due to the action of her coach.

Hours later, juarez issued a statement to clarify the situation, ensuring that Oscar Fernandez He apologized to the player, although he made it clear that it was all a misunderstanding due to the effusiveness of the game.

“Regarding what happened on the field with our coach Oscar Fernandez and the player Yuki Watariwe want to share that we have talked with both of them and they both agree that it was urgent for the player to re-enter the field, since decisive minutes were played and we were at a numerical disadvantage, however, the refereeing body did not allow the incorporation of Yuki.

“So much Oscar as Yuki they understand the climax of the game; For his part, our coach offered an apology to those who might have felt offended by his actions and the player herself expressed her desire to remain on the pitch despite her discomfort, which has been assessed and treated since Monday night.” reads in the report.


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