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Juan Hernández: “When a historic player like Málaga is interested, it is difficult to reject him”

The seventh signing of the summer is already presented. Juan Hernandez went through the press room The Rose Garden to comment on his first impressions after joining the blue and white team. He already made his debut on Saturday against Antequera, and this Monday he lived his debut before the media. “When a historic player like Málaga is interested, it is difficult to reject it,” he says.


“I wanted to thank Loren, she has done everything possible to be here today. When a historic player like Málaga is interested, it is very difficult to reject it. The team is very young, if it is combined with experience we are going to do something very nice. Sure”.

group goals

“I hope we compete every week. It’s a category where you have to compete a lot. We have to focus on working every week, so we’ll be closer to achieving what is necessary. The goal is each game, as close as possible. If we think further we are going to be wrong. Setting the goals on a day-to-day basis will do well for us.”


“From the first day everyone has treated me very well. It has been a pleasant surprise. On the field the other day you see a team that knows what it wants to do with the ball. There were about 10,000 people in the stadium. The fans are going to be key.”


“I am a wing player, with speed. I can play on both sidesI have no problem in that regard. I think that one of my virtues is being close to the goal. I will try to be close to the goal every week.”

Juan Hernández, presented at La Rosaleda. alex zea

last season

“It was surprising that a club like Málaga was there. These are circumstances that occur throughout the year and it’s very difficult to come back no matter how good the team is.”


“You see the kids with a lot of desire, They have a lot of self-confidence and the team has a lot of commitment. The level of the youngsters has impressed me.”

Personal goal

“For me it is a great challenge, I face it with great enthusiasm. I hope to do my best. In previous years due to circumstances I have not been able to participate as much, I have always been giving 100% and being available to the coach”.


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