Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Journalist Carlos Herrera announces that he will run for the RFEF elections

The journalist Carlos Herrera assured that wants to be president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and that he is going to run in the elections that the organization is going to hold in the first quarter of 2024.

“Yes, categorically yes. And I also aspire to concentrate in my candidacy the desires of many Spanish athletes, football people, fans and in general all those who know what a ball is,” Herrera responded in a video broadcast by Marca.

Herrera pointed out that You can’t reveal your teamalthough he cited the names of the journalist Roberto Gómez, who asks him the questions in the video, and the former player José María “Mami” Quevedo, and stated that he has time “until January” and that he wants to “work it rigorously.”

“I have the aspiration to return football to society, to deprive football of a caste that has made football almost a private business, practically something from which people who work and support themselves live. We must open that door. “I think we can do it and achieve the successes of Spanish football that go through a world championship, but also that all children have a football field. When I talk about children I use normal language, which means boys and girls,” he said. .

The Cadena Cope journalist recalled that You need 21 endorsements to be able to attend the elections and maintained his “firm and serious” intention to attend them “if he meets the established requirements,” in statements to As.

Candidates for president in the federations must be presented with the minimum endorsement of 15 percent of the members of the assembly, which in the case of football are 140, according to the ministerial order that will regulate the electoral processes in 2024 and that is in process. of public information for interested parties to make contributions until November 3, before its publication in the BOE.

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) has authorized the RFEF to hold the elections in the first quarter of next year, as requested by its managing committee, established as such after the resignation of Luis Rubiales and chaired by the president of the territorial federation of Extremadura.

Carlos Herrera To date, he is the only one who has publicly expressed his intention to run for office.although names have been considered such as those of the former referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the former director of Barcelona and former president of Mallorca, Mateu Alemany, the former CEO of Banco de Santander, Rami Aboukhair, or the presidents of the territories of Valencia, Salvador Gomar, Andalusia , Pablo Lozano, Madrid, Paco Díez, and the president of the management company, Pedro Rocha.

He has been in charge of the RFEF since FIFA temporarily suspended -90 days- at the end of August, due to his behavior in the World Cup final, Luis Rubiales, who resigned on September 10 after the National Court began an investigation. for possible sexual assault and coercion of the player Jenni Hermoso for the kiss he gave her during the medal ceremony in Sydney.


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