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José María Sánchez Martínez will whistle the final of the Copa del Rey

The Murcian referee José María Sánchez Martínez.

The Murcian referee José María Sánchez Martínez.

the lorquin Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez has been appointed to direct this Saturday in Seville the final of the Copa del Rey that will face the real Madrid already Osasuna from ten o’clock at night. The Murcian international, who this season has already led 27 games, including four of the europa league and two from the Champions League, will be helped on the wings by another Murcian, Raúl Cabañero Martínez, and José Enrique Naranjo Pérez from the Canary Islands. It will be the first time that Sánchez Martínez, who in his history It also has finals of the Spanish Super Cup and several Real Madrid-Barcelona Classicswill referee a Copa del Rey final. Born on October 3, 1983, he made his debut in the First Division in 2015.

An award for his career

Medina Cantalejo, president of the Committee of Referees of the Real spanish soccer federation, has been in charge of informing Sánchez Martínez of the decision, which “has been unanimous”, according to his words, and which comes as an award for the excellent career of the Murcian, who has stated that this designation generates a “cumulus of sensations ” because “I have never made a Copa del Rey final and I know what it means, because everyone who has experienced it says that it is a special and different game. He catches me at a good moment of arbitration and personal maturity. I’m going to do my best because I consider it the most beautiful moment of my career. The moments are to enjoy them and now it’s time to live this“He said in a video broadcast by the Spanish Federation.

López Mir, reserve assistant

The fourth referee will be Juan Martínez Munuera, while in the VAR they will be Santiago Jaime Latre and Diego Barbero Sevilla. In addition, as reserve assistant is Juan José López Mir from Cartagena, so regional arbitration will have a special role in this Cup final.


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