Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jorge Subero: Insecurity in the tourism sector is controlled

Insecurity is grabbing headlines in the Dominican Republic. However, according to the executive president of Cap Cana, Jorge Subero, in the tourism sector it is “quite” controlled.

Although he assured that anything that happens in the Dominican Republic will have a direct or indirect impact on tourism, from that sector they have worked to reinforce some deficiencies that exist in the public sector, such as the case of infrastructure. “These are things that in the tourism sector are preserved to be able to carry, in general, quality tourism,” he said.

The executive expressed himself in these terms after being questioned by the deputy director of the moneyEsteban Delgado, during the panel “Recovery, inflation, public finances and tourism”, held within the framework of the II El Dinero Economic Forum.

“Unquestionably, citizen security was a point of considerable chaos for all sectors, including this one. For a few years now, we have been bringing tourism that is coming out of the hotel business, going out to visit areas, going out to churches, and going to supermarkets,” he said.

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