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Jordi Cruyff’s emotional talk with Laporta in his farewell to Barça

As it could not be otherwise, the president Joan Laporta was one of the first people to receive the news of Jordi Cruyff’s goodbye, and of course the Spanish-Dutch coach gave it to him in person. Until now, FC Barcelona’s football sports director wanted to show this deference to the top Barça leader.

Jordi attended the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in Sant Joan Despi as usual in the last two years this Tuesday morning. However, on this occasion the main objective was not to discuss the design of the squad or to know how a possible signing was progressing, but to communicate that he did not accept the proposal that the Blaugrana officials had sent him to renew his contract with Barça. .

How could it be otherwise, that moment was especially emotional, since the president maintains a excellent relationship with Jordi. Because of his professional league over the years, but obviously because of the long relationship that Laporta has had and still has with the Cruyff family; from the long-awaited Johan to Danny, his wife.

Neither by Alemany nor by Deco

Although the official response to the renewal offer comes now, once the League title was certified and the season for the Blaugrana almost closed, Jordi Cruyff had already made his decision some time ago, although he wanted to maintain his own ‘tempo’. And it is a decision that is not related to the already announced goodbye of the still Director of Football, Mateu Alemany, nor with the possible arrival of Deco da Souza to replace it.

The real reason is that Jordi Cruyff considers that, despite being comfortable, this stage at Barça is over and he wants to do something different, and this is what he explained to Joan Laporta who thanked him for his excellent work since September 2021.

Jordi has formed, together with Alemany and Xavi Hernández, the key triangle in the reconstruction of the Barça squad which, despite the difficulties, has already borne fruit a League, a Cup and a Super Cupand he has worked very comfortably with Xavi, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship beyond the strictly professional one.


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