Thursday, March 30, 2023

Joana Sanz confirms the end of her relationship with Dani Alves

After the world practically came crashing down on him over the arrest of Daniel Alves for the crime of sexual abuse of a young Spanish woman, her ex-partner Joana Sanz I confirm in the last hours his separation with the Brazilian player.

Through a letter written in her own handwriting, the model stated that she still cannot believe that Alves broke her heart into a thousand pieces when she considered him to be the perfect man.

“I chose as a life partner a person who in my eyes was perfect. He was always there when I needed him the most, he always supported me in everything, he encouraged me to grow, loving, attentive… it’s so hard for me to accept that this person could break me into a thousand pieces” wrote.

Despite the deception, Joana declared that due to the love she has for him, she will always love him and that she keeps the magical moments that the player lived.

“I continue and will continue to be, but in another way. I love him and will always love him. Whoever says that love is forgotten is self-deception or did not really love. But I love myself, I respect myself and I value myself much more. Forgiving relieves, so I keep the magic and close this stage of my life that began on 05/18/15.reads part of his handwritten letter and that he spread through a photograph.

Dani Alves is still detained in Barcelona awaiting the ruling of the corresponding judge, while the defense process is still underway.


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