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Jenni Hermoso denies Rubiales: “At no time did I consent to the kiss”

Jenni Beautifulplayer of the Spanish selectionhas made a statement to respond to the words of Luis Rubiales about the kiss after the women’s World Cup final. The world champion has already spoken through her union, FUTPRO, but she wanted to come out herself and explain her position after the refusal of the president of the Federation to resign. “I want to clarify that at no time did I consent to the kiss he gave me and in no case did I seek to raise the president up,” says the Madrid striker about what happened last Sunday, denying Rubiales and assuring that “he will not tolerate his word being questioned and much less that they invent words that I have not said”.

In addition to Hermoso, colleagues and former internationals have also spoken, wanting to highlight the request of “real changesboth sporting and structural, that help the senior team to continue growing, to be able to transfer this great success to later generations” and ensuring that “They will not return to the national team as long as the current leaders continue.”

This is the statement of the players of the selection

the beautiful part

“As a result of the events that occurred this morning and given the perplexity of the speech delivered by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Mr. Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar, the players of the senior team, recent world champions, in I support Jennifer Hermoso, they want to express their firm and resounding condemnation of behaviors that have violated the dignity of women.

In view of the statements made by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Jennifer Hermoso wants to flatly deny that she consented to the kiss that Don Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar gave her in the World Cup Final. “I want to clarify that, as seen in the images, at no time did I consent to the kiss he gave me and, of course, in no case did I seek to raise the president. I do not tolerate my word being questioned, much less that it be make up words I haven’t said”

The part of the set of players

“From our union we want to emphasize that no woman should feel the need to respond to the forceful images that the whole world has seen and of course, they should not be involved in non-consensual attitudes,” the players indicate in the statement issued by FutPro .

The players of the Spanish Soccer Team, current world champions, expect forceful answers from the public powers so that actions such as those contained do not go unpunished.

We want to end this statement by asking for real changes, both sporting and structural, that help the National Team to continue growing, in order to transfer this great success to later generations. It fills us with sadness that such an unacceptable event is managing to tarnish the greatest sporting success of Spanish women’s football.

After everything that happened during the Women’s World Cup, we want to state that all the players who sign this letter will not return to a call for the National Team if the current leaders continue. The signing players are: Jennifer Hermoso; Alexia Putellas; Mass Rodriguez; Irene Paredes; Ona Batlle; Mariona Caldentey; Teresa Abelleira; Maria Perez; Tasting Coll; Aitana Bonmati; Laia Codina; Claudia Zornoza; Oihane Hernandez; Rocio Galvez; Irene Guerrero; Round Alba; Athena del Castillo; Eva Navarro; Enith Hall; Ivana Andres; ; Patricia Guijarro; Lola Gallardo; Nerea Eizagirre; Ainhoa ​​Moraza; Maria Leon “Mapi”; Sandra Cloths; Claudia Pina; Amaiur Sarriegi; Leila Ouahabi; Laia Alexandri; Lucia Garcia; Andrea Pereira; Vero Boquete; Ainhoa ​​Tirapu; Sandra Villanova; Ana Romero “Willy”; Silvia Meseguer; Nagore Calderon; Carmen Arce “Kubalita”; Priscilla Borgia; Natalia Pablos; Susan Guerrero; Larraitz Lucas; Elizabeth Benedict; Amanda Sampedro; Isabel Fuentes; Elizabeth Sanchez; Mari Paz Azagra; Vanessa Gimbert; Virginia Torrecilla; Leire Landa; Elizabeth Ibarra; and Marta Torrejon”.

Rubiales: “It was a spontaneous and mutual kiss”

In addition to burdening her with the responsibility for Rubiales’ future, Hermoso had to put up with the reconstruction of the events according to the version of the president of the Federation in Rubiales’ speech. “It was a spontaneous and mutual kiss. Jenni picked me up off the ground, then we hugged and I said, ‘Forget about the penalty.’ She told me: ‘You’re a crack’ and I told her: ‘A little bit?’, to which she said: ‘Okay'”, justified the top president, clinging to his position.

“There are many people who, although silenced, are supporting me. I want to say thank you for all the messages of support and calls that I have received”, he added. Before Rubiales expressed his refusal to resign, FIFA, through its Disciplinary Committee, decided to open disciplinary proceedings against the president of the RFEF.

Rubiales’ words and his refusal to resign led the Government to make a move just a few hours later. The Secretary of State for Sport and President of the Higher Sports Council, Victor Francosoffered a press conference in which he confirmed that the Government “will file a complaint with the TAD for a very serious offense and if the TAD sees fit in the next few days we will evaluate in the CSD whether that very serious offense can disqualify him” and stated that “eMr. Rubiales today has not lived up to what was expected or what the players expected, nor what the Government or Spanish society expected. You have disappointed your reaction. He has not done what he should. We consider that the explanations do not correspond to their attitudes and, therefore, we want to be very clear that the assembly, far from resolving the situation and calming the context in which it had put us, what it has done is fuel the controversy. On Tuesday the president told him that he had to take more steps and far from addressing that, what he has done is aggravate the situation.”

Therefore, Franco explained that “The Government begins the procedures so that Mr. Rubiales has to give explanations before the TAD, and if the TAD agrees and the CSD is in a position to do so, we will suspend him from his duties as president. Today we will file a complaint with the TAD for a very serious offense and if the TAD sees fit in the next few days we will evaluate in the CSD whether that very serious offense can disqualify you. We have reached a point where the Government will act and the TAD will receive its own complaint from the CSD. The complaint will arrive this afternoon and I request that there be an extraordinary meeting next Monday, because all the time we can gain will be welcome. If you initiate the file and consider that this very serious offense deserves the start of the process, we will immediately convene the Board of Directors with all the pertinent documentation. This must be the #MeToo of Spanish sport.”


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