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Jenni Hermoso asks the judge to suspend the summons of Luque and witnesses already summoned for the leaks

Jenni Hermoso, through her representation agency, has addressed the “competent bodies” in the judicial investigation opened by the kiss without her consent given to her by the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales to warn of the leaks that are occurring about this case. The situation makes the player feel”very insecure” to declare, as sources from this agency have indicated to EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, from the Prensa Ibérica Group. In the letter that has reached both the judge and the Prosecutor’s Office, it is also requested that, “if necessary”, the statements are suspended already planned from the director of the Spanish team Albert Luque and several witnesses, according to legal sources.

A petition has also reached the National Court requesting to prevent information about the investigations that has been presented by the defense of Rubiales, so that protect confidentiality and secrecy of the summary”, add the same sources.

Regarding Hermoso’s representation, he sent a statement to the media this Wednesday in which he stated that “until a few days ago” they thought that the process “offered Jenni a safe environment but the continuous leaks and the lack of such guarantees prevent our player from being able to carry out the process normally.” They refer both to the broadcast on a Telecinco program of the statements from the midfielder made in his day before the Prosecutor’s Office as well as the information about the appearance this Tuesday as a defendant of former women’s coach Jorge Vilda.

More than a warning it is a conclusion of what happened yesterday – agency sources add to this newspaper -. “It was conveyed to the judge that there is no safe environment to testify, neither Jenni Hermoso nor anyone.”

Upcoming statements

Hermoso’s petition, which has reached both the court and the Prosecutor’s Office, demands clarification of the responsibilities derived from the leaks and the suspension “if necessary” of the next planned statements. They refer to the summonses already made such as the one planned for October 16th to interrogate the director of the men’s team, Albert Luque, who will be the last of those investigated to testify, and those set in November of several witnesses, including the absolute men’s coach, Luis de la Fuente, and he already former Director of Communications of the RFEF Pablo García-Cuervo.

According to the player’s representatives “the limits have been exceeded, that Jenni’s basic rights have been violated and that it has been exposed to public opinion again without any type of consent, violating their data protection rights.

They add that the events not only put their health at risk, but also “the reliability and independence of the judicial process” in which Hermoso has trusted at all times. Therefore, his legal team claims to have undertaken “different actions to protect and guarantee his privacy”, which reveals legal actions against the leaks themselves

Petition to Jorge’s judge

Furthermore, “the competent bodies” are urged to take measures against those responsible for the leaks and to seek solutions to guarantee the security and custody of the information in the case during the criminal process.

“From the player’s work team we want to remain firm with our process management carried out so far, collaborating with the national court, the judge, the Prosecutor’s Office, the security forces and the media to favor the development of the case,” they conclude.

Judge’s anger

The magistrate Francisco de Jorge also took very seriously the appearance of the statements in different media and during the statements of the former national coach Jorge Vilda and the marketing director of the RFEF, Rubén Rivera, he addressed the lawyers of all parties to, looking directly into their eyesaccording to sources present in the statement, to warn them of the consequences of providing data on the procedure to outsiders, sources present in the statements told the media.

Furthermore, he made the determination to remove the videos of the appearances of the former president of the RFEF Luis Rubiales and the statement in the Prosecutor’s Office of the player Jennifer Hermoso of the cloud in which the resolutions are notified to the parties, in such a way that they can now only be consulted in the Central Court of Instruction number 1 itself in the presence of the lawyer from the administration of justice.


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