Thursday, June 1, 2023

Jared Borgetti explodes against Álvaro Morales: “Your arguments are useless”

ESPN Spicy SoccerCurrently, it is one of the programs that generates the most controversy due to the statements of its panelists.

Alvaro Moralesone of the presenters, constantly blows up the analysis tables with his tendentious arguments.

Recently, Alvaro was discussing the current Chivas and America and pointed out that the Eagles They went through a bad time because of their goalkeeper, Oscar Jimenez.

But, given the stubbornness of Morales, Jared Borgetti burst out and asked Raphael Bridge about whether he agreed with the driver.

“The man next to you was a goalkeeper. Do you share what he says? ”, Questioned the historic striker of the Mexican team.

“I have argued with him 20 times and I do not agree,” the Mexican exporter responded forcefully.

Borgetti nothing was saved and directly attacked the controversial member of ESPN.

“Then there you realize that your arguments are really useless,” he said.

Alvaro Moralestrue to his style, did not flinch and answered his partner.

“Not because you don’t understand, but it’s not against you, I already gave you many arguments,” he said.


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