Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jaime Senior: RD between stabilizing prices and continuing economic recovery

Despite the ravages of the covid-19 pandemic and the recent extensive wave of inflation after the Russia-Ukraine war, the economy of the Dominican Republic “shows positive behavior”, among other factors, due to the timely intervention of the monetary authorities and the outstanding performance of various productive sectors of the country.

This was indicated by Jaime Senior, president of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), during his presentation at the panel “The economy of today and tomorrow: A brief look from the young entrepreneurship”, recalling that the pending task is to achieve greater price stability and make several vital reforms ahead of 2023.

“Without a doubt, the macroeconomic situation continues and will continue to be a challenge for the nation, and, especially, for businessmen who require an ecosystem favorable to investment,” said Senior, during the II ElDinero 2022 Economic Forum.

In this sense, he argued that these challenges represent one more opportunity to renew efforts, be better and enhance those factors that make the Dominican Republic a competitive market.

“From ANJE we think that in order to maintain the path of growth and generate greater added value in the different sectors of the economy and price stability, it is necessary to implement reforms that support the fiscal and financial authorities,” he said.

Among the pending and priority reforms, he highlighted the electoral one, for transparency, for quality education, for administrative jurisdiction, for the law on public procurement and contracting, and for the law on water and territorial planning for the development of this country.

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