Friday, September 22, 2023

Jaime Camil explodes against Riqui Puig calling him a ‘clown’

The renowned actor jamie camil is involved in a controversy through social networks. It is no secret to anyone that the Mexican is a faithful follower of soccer and in USAa amateur more than LAFC. In one of the most recent games from his equipmentthe staunch rival, LA Galaxy, he beat them with a goal from Riqui Puigwho celebrated it effusively, something that the interpreter did not like at all

It was a few weeks ago when LAFC and LA Galaxy found themselves on the ground game to play the match corresponding to the Round of 16 of the US Open Cupwhere due to the good passage of the angelsthe strategist decided to send a substitute team. On the other hand, the galactic They didn’t save anything and came out with a victory of 2-0 about your neighbor in the city.

The last goal was scored by the young spanish playerwho shouted it with everything and made him receive criticism from camil. In a well-known program of the chain ESPNthe actor commented that the celebration had been exaggerated as if just win the Cup.

“That effusiveness in the celebration. Relax, you’re beating 15-year-old kids. He is a clown. If Chiellini sees a performance by a young, inexperienced, slimy kid who makes that kind of rudeness when he is beating a C team and celebrates as if he had just won the cup. We understand that there is a rivalry, but…”, commented the Mexican.

These words quickly became viral on social networks and managed to reach the ears of the Riqui Puig, who limited himself to quoting the video and commenting “Slimy? Hahahaha”, all this accompanied by a clown emoji.

The last thing that came out of this discussion was the response of jamie camil who added that despite having a great talentyour eyes should be on right the wrong step from his equipment in the domestic tournament of the MLSand it is not to answer him in the social networks.

“Look boy, you are a very talented footballer, but better you and your team should worry more about not being in last place in the MLS, with the worst results and performance that LA Galaxy has ever had IN ITS HISTORY. If their only aspiration during the tournament is to beat LAFC and they are putting ALL their effort there, they definitely have to adjust their priorities and above all respect their fans much more,” the interpreter said on networks.


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