Friday, March 24, 2023

Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social releases its beta: it’s a clone of Twitter but without Elon Musk

It’s been turbulent months for Twitter since the entry of Elon Musk as its controversial new CEO. Many have suffered this period, but perhaps one of the most affected would have been his own creator: Jack Dorsey. That would perfectly explain the origin of his new network. Bluesky Social.

We all remember that rare moment of public media collapse when Dorsey stormed his own social networks for what he did with managing his platform and the consequences it triggered.

Shortly after that moment of exhibition, the reports began and the spiral of events that led to the consummation of the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk.

Since then, Dorsey has remained a fan of all the changes, layoffs, alterations, and implementations that Musk has pushed for the platform.

But now it has gone a step further, with the launch of the beta of its new social network, which is basically a minimalist and cleaner version of Twitter without the presence of the owner of Tesla Motors.

This would be Bluesky Social, Jack Dorsey’s new social network that imitates Twitter

We were totally taken by surprise from the Apple App Store and the official website of this project, where they have just released the beta to test BlueskyJack Dorsey’s new app that could essentially be described as a Twitter clone with a few tweaks.

At the moment, iOS devices are the first to start using this platform, but a section has been set up on the social network’s website to join the official waiting list to join the beta once more spaces open up on that and other platforms.

Bluesky Social, Jack Dorsey's new app that mimics Twitter.

Bluesky Social’s guiding concept is based on the idea that content creators should have more freedom of control over what they publish, while seeking to keep away the influence of corporate interests that dictate the growth and focus of the platform.

In other words, Jack Dorsey would seek not to repeat the decisions he made in his Twitter campaign that helped make it what it is now.

Few have tried the interface but for what is reported instead of “What’s Happening?” the post compose box contains the message “What’s up?”

At the same time, a simplified creation process has been designed for each publication, which allows familiar functions such as including photos, searching and following other users, as well as viewing publications in a Home timeline.

In other words, Bluesky Social is like early Twitter without Elon Musk.


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