Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Iván Ortolá, winner of Moto3 2023 at the Jerez circuit

The Spanish Iván Ortolá (KTM) chained his second consecutive victory by winning the Moto3 Spanish Grand Prix after doing the same in Austin (United States), and with this he has achieved victory number 700 in Spanish motorcycling.

Ortolá fought until the last lap with a group that was made up of fourteen riders, was reduced to six past the halfway point of the race and recovered three units (nine) in the last laps of the race, linking up with the Spanish Iván Ortolá, Jaume Masiá (Honda), Daniel Holgado (KTM), José Antonio Rueda (KTM) and Xavier Artigas (CFMoto), in addition to the Colombian of Spanish origin David Alonso (GasGas), the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) and Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda) and the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM).

Öncü did not fail at the start from the pole position and “took” the final curve of the straight in first position, chased by the world championship leader Daniel Holgado (KTM), with Iván Ortolá (KTM), third, and a leading group already very stretched from the first meters of the race.

Öncü held firm in the first position, but without being able to distance one iota from his rivalsheralding a group race practically until the last lap.

In the second lap Öncü was overtaken by Holgado and Iván Ortolá, while behind the Turk was the Japanese ryusei yamanaka (GasGas) and the Spaniard Jaume Masiá (Honda), but from that moment on Holgado and Ortolá gave a little push to get a few meters ahead of the rest of the leading group, from which Masiá jumped to prevent the leading duo from leave inevitably.

Masiá managed to link up with the leading duo on the fifth lap, setting the fastest lap both he and the Japanese Yamanaka and with a clear cut already in the first fourteen positionswhile behind David Salvador (KT) suffered a spectacular crash at the exit of turn six and, in front, the Japanese had to retire with technical problems.

Just a couple of laps later, on the seventh lap, the leading group was reduced to barely six riders with clear Spanish dominance, since except for the Colombian of Spanish origin, David Alonso (GasGas), it was made up of Daniel Holgado, Jaume Masiá, Xavier Artigas, Iván Ortolá and José Antonio Rueda (KTM).

Masía took the lead on the eighth lap, but at certain times Daniel Holgado did too, while in the second group, of seven riders, it was the Turk Deniz Öncü the one who tried to recover the lost ground with respect to his rivals.

Six laps from the end, on lap thirteen, Jaume Masiá regained the lead of the race to try to break the rhythm of the race again and make the final sieve in the sextet, but he could not achieve his goal and, on the contrary, that fight made the Japanese approach from behind Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) and Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda), with Öncü, who shortly after was sanctioned with a “long lap” (long lap), for exceeding the limits of the circuit on several occasions.

Ortolá became the leader in the fifteenth round, in which the chasing group also “hooked” from behind, but the position did not last long, which Jaume Masiá recovered and then the typical “hostilities” at the end of the Moto3 race began, without anyone giving an inch to the rival.

This is how it went until the last lap, which began with Jaume Masiá in the lead, but Iván Ortolá, very attentive, waited for his moment to pass him in turn twelve, the moment in which Masia, David Alonso, also “snuck” inside with so the one from Honda had to settle for third place, ahead of Sasaki, Rueda, Holado, Artigas, Suzuki and Öncü, that by not complying with the “long lap” sanction, he was penalized with three seconds in the final classification of the test.

the brazilian Diogo Moreira (KTM) had to settle for tenth position, with David Almansa (Husqvarna) twentieth, and Ana Carrasco (KTM)Twenty second.


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