Sunday, June 4, 2023

Iván Ferreiro criticizes Rafa Nadal: “He is an example of shit for children”

The musician Ivan Ferreiro has criticized the tennis player Rafael Nadal during an interview on ‘Esquire’. The composer considers that the Mallorcan “give a fucking example” when he plays the games physically diminished: “I think my father was depressed all his life, but he didn’t know it, he just believed that life was shit. And he wasn’t a sad guy or anything, but when you don’t fight for things anymore, something is missing . And then It’s my balls, badly, Rafa Nadal. The example of shit that he gives by going to play a game that was ruined”.

The one who was leader of the group The Pirates He continued to charge against the people who, in this case, set an example for the little ones. “And everyone says: What a good example for the children! Well, I think it’s a fucking example. It has taken us many years to achieve that when we feel bad we do not have to go to work, so that this millionaire, in order to have a medal, tells us that it was with a broken foot”.

Iván Ferreiro not only focused his criticism on Rafa Nadal, but also on the world of sport. “Unfortunately the whole sport gives an example of shit. Were you talking about the trench? Well, the trench serves not to see the world fuckingand see how those of the FIFA they make parties in Argentina when there is a dictatorship, or in Tastewhere human rights are not respected… And now there is a footballer who is going to put in jail for rapistand if you get into Twittermore than half of the people defend it”.

Rafa Nadal, low for the Mutua Madrid Open

The tennis player from Manacor, who resigned last week from Godó for not being 100% yet and has been rushing his options to be in the Masters of the Spanish capitalyou will also miss the appointment that is held in the Box magical starting next April 24.


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