Thursday, June 1, 2023

“It’s a dream”: Rafa Márquez wants to direct the Mexican National Team

Raphael Marquez is a history of mexican soccersince during his time as a player he achieved great things with the Barcelona, the club with which he won the historic ‘sextet’. In addition, he played five World Cups with the National Team, all of them as captain.

After his retirement from the courts, the Kaiser is clear about his objectives and recently began his career as a technical director, so in Interview with Aztec Sports, recognized that one of his biggest dreams as a coach is to lead the Mexican team.

“Obviously it is a dream that as a player and now as a coach you would like to be the coach of the Selection of your country, but it is too premature to take a position like that,” he confessed.

In that same line, the Atlas homegrown player recognized that it is still too early to take the reins of the threefor which he assured that he will continue to strive to grow as a coach so that in the future when the opportunity comes to him he can take it with greater confidence.

“I am aware that I have to keep working, keep breaking stone, go up the levels to later aspire to a position like that. Today I cannot give you guarantees that I can do a good job or not, so I prefer to follow the processes, the necessary times and then go with all the confidence ”.

Finally, Rafael Marquez accepted that being a figure in the Barcelona It has helped him to earn the respect and admiration of the players he currently manages at the Barca Athletic.

“I think that it is an advantage, you immediately earn the respect of the boys and you also help them to anticipate situations that they can experience both on and off the pitch and I think they appreciate that very much, I am delighted with life, with to be able to tell you my experiences and also those of other footballers”, he declared.


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