Friday, December 8, 2023

It’s 2023 and Apple is still selling Magic Mouse with Lightning connector

Manzana announced its new line of M3 processors, which will power the 24-inch iMac, MacBook Pros and other future devices. Despite the progress in the development of its technology, there is one section that does not seem to matter much to those from Cupertino: peripherals. He iMac with M3 will arrive with a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse with Lightning connector.

The product website indicates that all three variants of the 24-inch iMac will be sold with products that use Lightning. All configurations are offered with Magic Mouse, while the two most expensive include Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. Box includes a Lightning to USB-C cable that can be connected to one of the ports located behind the screen.

While the presence of a Lightning connector — and its respective cable — does not surprise anyone, the fact that Apple insists on keeping a peripheral like the Magic Mouse unchanged is already absurd. The wireless mouse not only uses a proprietary port, but you have to put it face up to load itwhich means not being able to use it in emergency situations.

The Magic Mouse debuted eight years ago alongside the 21-inch iMac 4K. During all that time, Apple has had the opportunity to improve it and resolve one of its most objectionable characteristics. However, the furthest they’ve gone is to offer it in a variety of colors to accompany the 24-inch iMac and Mac Studio.

The usual Magic Mouse will arrive with the new iMac M3

During your event Scary fast, Apple introduced an update to the 24-inch iMac. The colorful desktop computer will debut with the M3 chip, the new generation of Apple Silicon that offers up to two times the performance of its predecessor.

The iMac with M3 features a 24-inch Retina display with 5K resolution (4,480 by 2,520 pixels), eight-core processor, up to 10-core GPU, and 8 GB unified memory. Included in the box is a Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard — both with Lightning connectors — as well as a cable to connect them to one of the USB-C ports.

If you want to buy them separately, the Magic Mouse costs 85 euros in its white version, while the black variant costs 109 euros. In both cases, a Lightning connector to USB-C cable is offered, although if you lose it you will have to pay 25 euros for a replacement.

Is difficult to predict if Apple will change the Magic Mouse. Outside of the inconvenience of the charging port, the mouse offers a pleasant experience on macOS. In addition to this, the technology company has been against adopting the USB-C standard by ensuring that “it does not favor innovation.”

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