Thursday, September 21, 2023

Itges and Nerdot come together to strengthen leadership in the technology services market

IT technology companies Global Service Enterprises Inc (Itges) and Nerdot, announced the signing of a strategic alliance with the purpose of providing more and better services and technological solutions at the forefront of the global market.

The alliance between Itges and Nerdot opens up for both companies the opportunity to strengthen themselves for an increasingly competitive future. The integration of both companies offers a chance to expand its portfolio of services, provide specialized technical assistance and advice with increasingly innovative services and products.

A strategic commitment to the future

The alliance manages to bring together benchmark executives in the Dominican technology market such as the businessman from the financial technology sector, Manuel A. Grullón Hernández, Ríchard Encarnación and Orlando Prieto. Together they are committed to the Dominican technology sector providing organizations with this unique and comprehensive platform that provides innovative responses to disruptive changes in the market and the necessary digital transformation.

The co-founder and president of Nerdot, Manuel A. Grullón Hernández, expressed that this alliance represents an important step for the growth and development of the two companies, but also for the Dominican market that will have a great expert player in the technology services industry.

“This investment by Itges in Nerdot is a clear commitment to the future that will allow us to strengthen ourselves to better adapt to the changes and be more competitive, giving a better response to our customers. With this alliance we add the best of two companies, knowledge and teams that complement each other and have a collaborative history”, said Grullón Hernández.

For his part, Orlando Prieto, co-founder and shareholder of Nerdot, highlighted that “Technological advances occur at a very fast pace and the know how of both companies guarantees greater growth, development and the ability to attract business niches and high-end suppliers”.

It is a commitment to the technological future of the Dominican Republic, said the current CEO of ITges, Ricardo Encarnación. Encarnación is an executive with extensive experience in technology in different financial entities and corporate groups, and he is the one who will lead the general management of Nerdot.

The manager stressed that the continuity of the teams is assured, since they are the main asset that adds value to this brand. Which is widely recognized by customers in the Dominican market. On the other hand, he pointed out that progress will be made in the development of a future plan that strengthens the technological and business field, deepening the vision of growth, a greater penetration in the market with a comprehensive technological and business portfolio, and Greater bargaining power with top suppliers through volume and certifications with leading brands in the international technological scene.

Itges, with a long history in technological infrastructures for large corporations

It is a technology company founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the IT area of ​​one of the most important business groups in the country, becoming a world-class technology solutions and services integration company, highly specialized in IT infrastructure. and information security, as well as expertise in value-added consulting services. Over the years, it has provided the business sector with a platform for digital transformation and business growth.

Nerdot, hand in hand with digitization

Technology company with more than 10 years of history supporting and promoting the technological growth of the Dominican business sector, through integrated solutions with a wide range of services and products. Nerdot provides technological solutions to SMEs and large corporations to accompany them in the process of digitizing their services.


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