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Italian League: Napoli win the ‘scudetto’ 33 years later

The last time he Naples he won scudetto it was 1990 and Diego Armando Maradona He played for the club. It was then the second time and after that the team lived its particular descent into hell, with a bankruptcy and even the descent to the C series, the equivalent of the Spanish third division. This Thursday, however, the partenopeans (also known as albicelestes), a young team trained by retailer Luciano Spalletti and made up of a multi-ethnic group led by the Italian Giovanni Di Lorenzo, they finally avenged the honor of that success machine that the club had been years ago. After a season in which they have practically always remained at the top of the table, Napoli is again champion of Italy. And the city, how could it be less, has gone crazy.

The least secret secret of calcium It has been resolved like this, with an exceptional triumph that comes five days before the natural closure of series A and with dizzying figures. Napoli have accumulated 80 points, 16 more than Lazio, the second today in the standings. They have won 25 games, drawn five and lost three. He has scored 69 goals. An amazing result after years of lean times. But also the outcome sung for months, when Napoli first began to accumulate an amazing distance of their opponents and it was understood that the Italian league was already sold. “We will play to get hold of him. scudetto“, had promised Spalletti at the beginning of the season. She more than lived up to her word.

has finally been Napoli’s tie with Udinese (1-1) this Thursday which finally allowed the Neapolitan team to get that last point they needed for mathematically the trophy is yours. The victory on Wednesday of the lazio, the second in the standings, against Sassuolo (2-0), after Salernitana postponed Napoli’s triumph. A 52nd-minute goal from Nigerian attacker Victor Osimhen, one of the season’s big rising stars, established Napoli as Italian Serie A champions.

flares and choirs

After that same goal, a human mass who had already prepared for victory early on burst into euphoria in the streets and alleys of the city. there they lit light blue firecrackers and flares, and they began to sing the best-known songs of the Neapolitan fans. One of the most picturesque: “It has been so long, we will never be apart. Are children of the volcano) Vesuviusthat maybe one day it will explode. A life with you, on Sundays at three, I can’t be alone, without you. A melody that at times seemed to be heard, in unison, by streets and squares from the city.

The football history of Italy had a debt to battered southern Italythose scudetti always in the hands of clubs from the north of the country in the last twenty years, and these days the Neapolitans did not forget to make it present. The answer of each fan when questioned gave the magnitude of the meaning of the victory for any Neapolitan with a minimum interest in football. “This scudetto It represents a rematch, we want to come to lightit is bravery and unconsciousness”, synthesized Archimede, 45 years old. “We are not rich, they criticize us, they despise us; we finally deserved good news. It is difficult to express the joy that this trophy means to us,” added his friend Luca, a 55-year-old worker.


Another ubiquitous figure was Maradona, who in Napoli perhaps love more than in Argentina. “Mom, do you know why my heart is beating? I have seen Maradona, I have seen Maradona…”, has been heard in these weeks in the streets of Naples, over and over again. “Olé, olé, olé, Diego…”, she has echoed in wealthy and more humble neighborhoods. Around the murals dedicated to him in the Plaza de los Artistas in the Spanish quarter, especially in the last few weeks, many went to pray and pay homage, in view of the great Neapolitan festival.

the georgian Jvicha Kvaratskhelia (22 years), osimhen (24 years old), the Mexican Hirving Rodrigo Lozano (27 years old) and the South Korean Kim Min Jae (26 years old), all of them very young and until recently great unknowns, will now become part of the pantheon of the great Neapolitan legends. And along with them, of course, also the film producer Aurelio De Laurentis, owner of the club since that famous bankruptcy that made Napoli will resurrect, like a Phoenix bird, from its ashes. “We wanted to win and we have all won together,” said De Laurentis, in his first statement after the win.


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