Saturday, December 9, 2023

“It is an exciting year in which great things can be achieved”

Second macro presentation of the summer in the Malaga CF. If the other day it was the turn of Juanfran Moreno, Bustinza, Febas, Fran Sol and Rubén Castro, today it was the turn of the last four signings of the blue and white team: Rubén Yáñez, Esteban Burgos, Jonás Ramalho and Álex Gallar.

Manolo Gasparthe blue and white sports director, was once again the master of ceremonies and highlighted “the effort they have made to be herefor the agility they have given to operations”.

Stephen Burgos


“For me it was not a difficult negotiation. There was a lot of predisposition on the part of the club. Happy to be here. prepared, with responsibility to know what it takes to wear this shirt.

Paul Guede

“He began to mark the way in which we have to play, press… We know it’s going to be an intense year, we have to be prepared.”

Hardness of LaLiga SmartBank

“Second is a very tough category. Last year I was in a team that with four minutes left we were promoted and we were beaten by a team that was relegated. One thing is the assembly of the template and another the assembly of the team. When you see that it is engaging, the situation changes. He will tell time.”


“If you come predisposed… each one has to contribute where it touches him and put the best face. I believe a lot in that. The one who is outside makes the one who is inside good. That’s what a team is about. I think that people with a very good profile came, they all speak well of their colleagues. happy to be here and of the companions”.

Ruben Yanez

arrival at the club

“The sports management is making a huge effort to make a level squad. Excited to be here and represent this great club. If there is interest on both sides, everything flows. It’s going to be a nice year, with great enthusiasm”.

Competition with Manolo Reina

“Healthy competition. We know the goals. Compete for the club. We are going to make a good couple, with his experience he is going to teach me many things. Then the coach will decide. The competition is going to be good, that is going to help the group. When great things are done it is because there is a very good group”.


“We adapt well to his ideas and I think everything will flow well. If we work as we should, everything will turn out great.”


“Málaga is from the First Division. We have the tools to achieve our goals. The way is to go game by game, victory after victory. It is an exciting year in which great things can be achieved. The goal is to fight up. We want to achieve it, we are committed. Then there are many factors in the way. The coach tells us that we have to be a leading team. It is the mentality of the group and the illusion that we have”.


“The fans will be with us, they will help us a lot”.

Jonas Ramalho


“For me it has not been an effort. Since Manolo contacted my agent, the project he presented was very interesting. It is a great motivation to come to a historic club like Málaga. I come with the maximum desire, as if I were a young boy. I’m happy to be here. Both parties have finished happy, it is important. He has signed very well, he is forming a good group. Our teammates have welcomed us very well.”


“What he has transmitted to us is the intensity of each training session, of each game. It transmits the force that it has. He makes it very clear to the entire squad, to improve and for LaLiga to come out perfect. The two days we have trained we have caught it perfectly. It remains to improve little by little.”


“That’s the question I always get asked. Since I was a child I have played as a center back, it is where I can give the best performance and where I am most comfortable. I have also played sideline. I have no problems, as long as I play, that’s what matters. Help the team as much as possible. Personally, I feel more central than lateral.


“Set the goal of move up to first It’s something good. All of us here want it. We have come with the greatest desire. You also don’t have to be obsessed. It’s good that we have that goal. The team is trained to be able to achieve it.”

The Rose Garden

“The times that I have come as a rival I have suffered a lot. We have to take advantage of it every time we play at home. Together we can achieve something very nice. We are the ones in the field. We have to give everything to make them happy.”

Alex Gallar

Conversations with Manolo

“Thank you for the welcome. Manolo speaks for the tranquility that I always gave him when we spoke. I wanted to join this project. We understood each other pretty quickly. The desire was great. The negotiation revolves around that effort. Eager to start, as we are showing.”

Ruben Castro

“We hope to improve society. We have been good in Cartagena. We have very fixed ideas, the group, Rubén and I. There is a lot of competition that will make us improve. We hope to improve the numbers. Rubén’s 20 goals did not serve for the play off. When I found out he was coming, I was very excited., we were already in contact with Manolo. It was special. When you connect with someone, you feel comfortable. I know how to associate with him, I know his movements, where he’s going to be… You have to keep him in top condition.”

Paul Guede

“It conveys to us the conviction that we believe in the game idea. That’s going to give us the results we want.”


“Whatever Rubén says, I’m going with him. Prudence is good but the goal is to win every game. We will start in Burgos. No need to get tense. It’s something nice. It has been said too soon, but This team is built for it.”

The Rose Garden

“I have even played with La Rosaleda empty and it was already imposing. We cannot be in a hurry to please or to win. There are 42 games, 21 here. We have to be aware that people add and help. We have to give them more than they give us. It can be a definitive factor.”


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