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Is the Switch 2 coming in 2024? The president of Nintendo America responds

In the midst of the fever Super Mario Bros. Wonderone of the most anticipated games of the year, people continue to wonder when the next generation console of the great N will arrive. The rumors around the nintendo switch 2 They skyrocketed in recent months, mainly after the emergence of various reliable reports. Now, Doug Bowserpresident of Nintendo America, spoke about it in an interview with Inverse.

Obviously, the manager did not want to share specific details about the Nintendo Switch 2 at the hardware level. However, in his statement He hinted that it will arrive sometime in 2024thus reinforcing the rumors that point to the same year.

“Our goal is to minimize the decline that is typically seen during the last year of one cycle and the beginning of another. I can’t speak to the possible features of a new platform, but the Nintendo Account is a solid foundation to have that communication as we do the transition.

Doug Bowser.

Bowser’s comment is quite interesting. Firstly, because it implies that The Nintendo Switch is going through the last year of its life cycle. This should not surprise us, since this console debuted on the market in March 2017. In today’s era, a video game platform usually extends that cycle to six or seven years.

On the other hand, when they mention the word “transition”, it’s clear that they are already thinking about how players can make the jump to the Nintendo Switch 2 without too many complications. The basis of everything will be the Nintendo Account, where not only the user’s personal information is stored, but also their digital game library.

Much has been said about whether the Nintendo Switch 2 will be backward compatible. Current hardware has an immense library and turning your back on it would be a serious mistake. In this sense, there are mixed reports. Some claim that there will be compatibility with titles from the previous generation, while others suggest that those from Kyoto intend to start a catalog from scratch.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

On the subject, Doug Bowser said that, unlike previous generations, They now have a system to facilitate the transition. Referring, again, to the Nintendo Account. Unfortunately, he did not want to confirm whether the Nintendo Switch 2 will be – or not – backwards compatible.

“Well, first of all, I can’t comment on the rumors that are out there. But one thing we’ve done with the Switch to help with that transition is the creation of the Nintendo Account. In the past, every device we transitioned to had “A completely new account system. The Nintendo Account will allow us to communicate with our players when we transition to a new platform.”

Doug Bowser.

So, from Doug Bowser’s words we can deduce two things. First, It is almost a fact that the Nintendo Switch 2 will see the light of day at some point in 2024. On the other hand, the existence of the Nintendo Account will be a pillar in the launch of the new console. Hopefully, to transfer something more than just personal data…

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