Monday, December 4, 2023

Is the iPhone 15 Ultra still alive?

We have to go back several months to find the first rumors of the iPhone 15 Ultra. According to various reports, Apple planned to introduce a new name in its family of terminals to highlight a new model premium; the most advanced in the history of the iPhone. However, it is also true that the speculation was dissolving over time. Well, today they have resurfaced again. It is possible that the Ultra variant still alive.

According Andrew O’Haracollaborator of Apple Insiderthose of Cupertino still contemplate using the name iPhone 15 Ultra for the larger model.

At this point it is important to remember that previous information anticipated that iPhone 15 Pro Max will be renamed iPhone 15 Ultra. Supposedly, beyond the issue of dimensions, this version would be the only one to integrate a periscope camera.

Of course, it would share various characteristics with its younger brother, the iPhone 15 Pro. Among them, the titanium framethe action button —instead of the legendary switch to silence the device—, the 3-nanometer A17 Bionic processor and, of course, the USB-C port. Sure, the iPhone 15 Ultra would hit the market with a higher price.

If this information is correct, the next-generation iPhone range would be made up as follows:

  • iPhone 15.
  • iPhone 15Plus.
  • iPhone 15 Pro.
  • iPhone 15 Ultra.
iPhone 15 concept by 4RMD.

Without a doubt, this selection of names would make it clear to the consumer that there are other differences besides size. If the periscope camera rumors come true, it’s true that the denomination Max is not enough to expose this novelty.

Plus, Apple is no stranger to the Ultra moniker. The year before, they introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, a variant focused on extreme sports and harsh weather conditions. It was the firm’s first smartwatch to adopt a 49mm screen, a titanium body, and an action button that the user can configure as they please.

So if Apple really wants the most ambitious iPhone 15 of them all to stand out from its smaller siblings, it makes sense for it to go by a new name.

In any case, despite the reliability of the source, the best thing of all will be to take the information with a grain of salt. As the usual September keynote approaches, rumors come and go. Some turn out to be real and others come to nothing.

According to Mark Gurman, a journalist for Bloomberg and whose information about future Apple products is quite reliable, Apple plans to celebrate its next keynote on September 12 or 13. Reservations for the renewed mobile, for its part, would begin on Friday, September 15. Will we see the iPhone 15 Ultra among the available models? We have to be patient and wait.

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