Friday, September 22, 2023

Is Elon Musk backing down? Twitter would be reversing some of its most absurd changes

Some third-party Twitter clients they are back in stock after they stopped working due to changes that Elon Musk forced to implement in the API, although it is not clear how long they will continue to be active. According to some developers, the “old API v1” is working again; something that allows you to inherit the old versions of platforms like TweetDeck.

It is not clear, we reiterate, whether it is a temporary change by Twitter or a reversal promoted by Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino, who is currently the head of the social network. In fact, and despite the fact that apps like Harpy —another of Twitter’s many third-party clients— are being made available again, the developers warn that this could change in the next few hours. Note that this does not mean that Harpy will be around again, as Twitter will most likely shut down access to its legacy API (again) soon and third party apps are still against their TOS. has confirmed Roberto Doering, developer of the app.

Twitter, for the moment, has not ruled on the matter. In fact, the latest news from the social network about third-party clients is about a new version of TweetDeck, which does not rely on the original API. In any case, and at least temporarily, users can go back to the previous version through the settings menu.

Twitter is backtracking on some measures

In the absence of knowing if the old version of the API will remain active, it seems that Twitter is going back to Go backwards to some —and absurd— measures that Elon Musk imposed when he acquired Twitter.

The mogul, for example, confirmed that the ‘For You’ feed would only show tweets from verified users or people you follow. Today, posts continue to appear from accounts that are not subscribed to Twitter Blue. We’ll likely see other changes as well as Threads, Instagram’s new social network, continues to gain popularity. At the moment the app already accumulates 100 million users in just a few days since its launch.

Elon Musk, yes, is also eliminating functions that have been on Twitter for a long time, such as circles; function that pretends to imitate the Best Friends of Instagram and that allows to publish tweets that only selected people can see. The executive has said that he will remove features to enhance communities and group direct messages.

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