Saturday, December 2, 2023

Is Chivas preparing bombings? The club is targeting Carlos Vela and Alan Pulido

Chivas finish the Closing 2023 in a painful way after failing to materialize his good season with the league title, since he lost the final against tigers in overtime.

Now him red and white club He turned the matter around and begins to prepare for the next tournament, which is why he has begun to poll several players to try to sign them.

It is well known that in the absence of a center forward, that area of ​​the field is a priority for the board of directors and that is where several players who have already worn the club’s shirt come onto the radar, including Alan Pulido and Carlos candle.

Although the idea may sound far-fetched, according to TUDN he Herd has in its sights both footballers who are active in the MLS.

Alan Pulido ends contract with Kansas City in summer and the source points out that Chivas He has already approached to see the possibility of his last scoring champion returning to the team.

On the other hand, the Bombardier Candle It is also an object of desire in green valleybut his high salary could be an impediment for the club.

However, the player is close to ending his contract with Los Angeles FC and the club is aware of his situation. In addition, his recent statements in which he did not close the doors to play in Mexicoexcite the red and white fans with the return of his youth player, who by the way, never made his debut with the first team, since from a very young age he made the leap to old continent.


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