Wednesday, September 27, 2023

iPhone: Use the flashlight as Harry Potter would and activate it with this real magic trick

In the fascinating universe of virtual assistants, their vast potentials often go unnoticed. Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant offer a multitude of voice commands that are rarely used or unknown, thus missing opportunities to simplify the lives of users. Even the one of iphonecan do magic like Harry Potter.

Although Siri is not the most advanced assistant among its counterparts, it does have a particularly curious and useful command in certain situations: “Lumos”, just like a trick from the magic saga.

For fans of the Harry Potter saga, you probably recognize that “Lumos” is the incantation used to illuminate the tip of the wand in the fictional world of Harry Potter.. You don’t need an actual wand to do this though, you just need your iPhone.

Do magic with your iPhone

This enchantment has been depicted in books, movies, and even in video games like Hogwarts Legacy. However, here comes the twist: It is also possible to cast this spell in real life using an iPhone!

As it explains xatakaa simple proof is Activate Siri and say the word “Lumos”. Instantly, the phone’s flashlight will turn on. This can be useful in scenarios where we don’t have our iPhone nearby, it’s dark and we can’t find it, or if we simply want to show off to our friends that we’re magicians.


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In the case of Android, It is important to mention that if you say “Lumos” to a device with Google Assistant, the flashlight or any equivalent function will also be activated. In this regard, it has been observed that while Siri works accurately, Google Assistant can experience certain “magical difficulties”.


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