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iPhone SE 4: everything we know about Apple’s next budget phone

The last quarter of the year is approaching, and the smartphone business is focusing its attention on the imminent iPhone 15 that would be announced in mid-September. However, in a sector that has one foot in the present and the other in the future, there are already rumors about the iPhone SE 4. It should be noted that Apple would only announce that phone in 2025, to replace the cheapest model released in 2022.

Let us remember that the first iPhone SE debuted in 2016, adding to the brand’s catalog a cheaper option compared to regular models. In addition, the series has characterized its smaller screens, in an era in which mobile inches grew steadily. For dimension, the third-gen SE is 4.7 inches. It is substantially more compact compared to the smaller iPhone 14, which is 6.1 inches in size.

Now, it is believed that this would change in the iPhone SE 4. According to the rumors in circulation, that equipment will have 6.1 inches. In addition, its design will be similar to that of the iPhone 14, which the manufacturer launched last year.

The iPhone SE 4 will succeed the SE 3 -in the image- which hit the market in 2022.

iPhone SE 4: the possible features of Apple’s phone

Although we have a long way to go before the official announcement of the iPhone SE fourth generation, there are already numerous speculations about the phone. Next, we propose a review of the most outstanding.

Design inspired by the iPhone 14

According to a recent tweet from @redditorhe iPhone SE 4 will have an aesthetic and size similar to the regular iPhone 14. Meanwhile, it is expected to arrive with a 6.1-inch screen. This rumor coincides with comments published at the beginning of the year by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst renowned for accurately anticipating Apple’s plans.

For the rest, in October last year, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, had also pointed out that the next SE will have 6.1 inches. Young is another of the reliable sources of consultation to anticipate Apple’s presentations. Of course: on the occasion, he said that this team would appear on the market in 2024, a coordinate that, apparently, will not be fulfilled.

Regarding the design of the future SE, it is expected to incorporate a notch on the front face (the famous notches) and thus the frames would be thinner. At this point, conflicting data is circulating regarding the possible inclusion of the dynamic island in the iPhone SE 4. In other words, there is no consensus yet regarding this feature. For the unsuspecting, we are talking about the solution that Apple incorporated around the front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max to display notifications and other functions that vary depending on the context of use.

On the other hand, like other copies of the series, it would arrive with a single camera main, on its posterior face. It would be 12 megapixels.

The iPhone SE 4 would have a Face ID system

The iPhone SE that Cupertino launched in 2022 has a fingerprint reader on the front. The 2025 version is expected to include the Face ID system, replacing the Touch ID in question. About, phone arena points out that the decrease in costs for the manufacture of the TrueDepth sensor —used for facial recognition— will allow the incorporation of this technology in the most accessible series. It is worth remembering that the 2017 iPhone X were the first to include the Face ID system.

The USB-C port would be part of the iPhone SE 4

The iPhone SE 4 would have a USB-C port.
The iPhone SE 4 would have a USB-C port.

As we have previously indicated in hypertextualthe iPhone 15 series would mark the debut of the USB-C in Apple smartphones. The gradual move away from the traditional Lightning port is not exactly a will of the American technology company. The change is partly a response to pressure from European Union regulators who are demanding a common industry standard.

That said, it’s no surprise that 2025’s iPhone SE 4 may arrive with a USB-C port. Not only because it is the one that we find in the vast majority of phones on the market, but because it would follow a logical line after its adoption in the iPhone 15.

The phone would boast the action button of the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone SE 4 would have the rumored improved action button that Apple would add to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, according to the aforementioned informant. A somewhat curious speculation, considering that this addition would not be available in the standard version of the iPhone 15 or in the Plus variant.

What does this component offer? Instead of the switch that current iPhones use to mute themselves, it will be programmable and enable multiple features to be activated. From accessing the Siri assistant, to starting the stopwatch or opening the notes application, among other options.

More speculation about the future iPhone SE

  • According to John Prosser, it will have IP67 certification. That will translate into protection against dust and resistance to water.
  • Based on the time coordinates, your operating system would be iOS 18.
  • He iPhone SE 4 price is still a mystery, considering that we are a long way from its release. For reference, the cheapest model of the current generation, with 64 GB of storage, is sold in Spain for 561 euros. The most expensive version, with 256 GB of internal space, is sold for 761 euros.
The third-generation iPhone SE replacement would only launch in 2025.
The third-generation iPhone SE replacement would only launch in 2025.

When would Apple’s cheapest smartphone be released?

At the end of 2022, the aforementioned Ming-Chi Kuo commented that Apple had canceled the launch of a new SE in 2024. According to the analyst, that decision was due, in large part, to “consistently lower-than-expected sales” of models with basic features. Among them, the third-generation iPhone SE and the iPhone 13 mini.

Now, speculations point to the year 2025 for the appearance of the iPhone SE 4. Considering that the third generation model was launched in March 2022, it is possible that the next one will see the light of day that same month. If that is confirmed, before that model we would witness the sale of the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 16.

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