Friday, September 22, 2023

iPhone and Android: the battery of your smartphone can last longer with this simple adjustment

It doesn’t matter if it’s a iphone of Manzana or a Android from any manufacturer. There is an essential trick to extend the battery life of your smartphone. It has practically been around since the dawn of time when the first smartphone was released.

But a curious situation has happened, where the passage of time has been burying this essential piece of collective wisdom, thanks to which it would be possible to extend the useful life of each session with our device before requiring a new charge.

When presented the first iPhone, Android It had also already taken some steps in the field of this market, which at that time, more than a decade ago, felt absolutely new and unexplored.

In that legendary presentation, which had one of its climactic moments with a prank phone call, Jobs was very subtle and adept at omitting some crucial details that would give early adopters genuine headaches.

The first big surprise that we early adopters of the first iPhone encountered is that it was a fairly boxy, limited device that definitely could not be considered multitasking.

But perhaps the biggest discomfort came directly from the battery, which was extraordinarily limited and inefficient.

With this trick you can improve the battery of your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone

From that first iPhone and also with the first Android it became clear that we would have a big problem with battery life.

The reality is that since then the matter has improved a lot and today it is possible to reach the end of the day without as many sacrifices as before.

But even in that first generation of devices there was an active configuration by default, both in iOS and Android, that for years has unnecessarily drained our energy.

We are talking about the Wi-Fi network connection configuration interface. This section from the beginning was programmed and developed following the same logic as with mobile phone networks.

Where the antenna of the device is constantly maintained seeking to recover the connection to the voice and data network in case it is interrupted.

But with Wi-Fi the order and rules are different, since it is necessary to have the password for each connection to be able to surf the Internet.

So both Android and iPhone by default are set to automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks, and that update slowly ends up killing our battery.

It is enough to deactivate the option to recover greater power and autonomy. Give it a try, it actually works.


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