Manzana He took many by surprise at his event where he ended up presenting the new iPhone 14. But perhaps it was not all so perfect.

This new generation of smartphone, in terms of innovation, presentedwhich is worth noting.


On the one hand, the guys from Cupertino finally updated their camera sensor after more than 6 years without touching it or improving it in terms of hardware.

At the same time, they finally joined the trend that Android has imposed for years, eliminating the notch or notch on the front face to hide the camera for selfies.

Apple even contributed a new idea, integrating its so-called Dynamic Island. An interface quadrant on the screen that adapts according to the active widget or function.


The bad news is that both changes were only implemented in the Pro and Pro Max models of this new generation.

So the base models are practically the same as last year’s iPhone 13. But it looks like Apple could soon change that.

Better to wait for the iPhone 15 to try the Dynamic Island?

Since MacRumors comes the report from the renowned supply chain analyst, Ross Younga subject with a long history of reliability with his leaks.


Who in his most recent publication in Twitter affirms that the iPhone 15 would eliminate the notch in absolutely all its models to integrate the Dynamic Island in each variant:

According to the informant, this change would be applied even in the standard models of the Apple smartphone. Currently the iPhone 14 integrates the Dynamic Island only in the Pro and Pro Max versions.

Although the qualities of the screens will not be the same, keeping, in theory, the 120Hz/LTPO for the highest models of this generation.

This would be because Apple’s current supply chain would not have the capacity to produce its required volume of units with this type of display.


The report is interesting and disturbing, since if it were true it would necessarily force us to consider what we should do with our investment plans if we were thinking of buying an iPhone this year.

At the end of the day, the new photographic sensor and the screen with the Dynamic Island interface are the two great novelties to try in this generation.


And now there is a report that very possibly the second factor mentioned is present in all models with the iPhone 15.