Friday, September 22, 2023

iPhone 15 with USB-C could have Thunderbolt support for much higher transfer speeds

The output of the iPhone 15 will come with many new features, in addition to the incorporation of USB-C, leaving behind the Lightning port, it will have a periscope camera for greater digital zoom, much thinner edges, new materials.

Apple will make the switch to USB-C due to European regulation, which requires manufacturers to use a standard connector on mobile devices. Also, because it is a small port you can connect the cable from either side, making the Lightning connector no longer makes much sense.

But also, it has transfer rates much higher than those of a Lightning port, which are equivalent to those of USB 2.0. With USB-C the iPhone 15 will be able to reach much higher speeds to transfer fileswhich will be especially useful for professionals who want to move video clips —for example in ProRes format— from their smartphone to a computer.

But a leak made to ChargerLABwhich has received fresh images of the USB-C port component made for the iPhone 15, reveals that will have Thunderbolt technology. This was developed by Intel and Apple to transmit data at even higher speeds.

The current generation of Thunderbolt works through the USB-C connector and is present in several Apple devices, including several Mac models, such as the Mac Pro, Mac Studio or MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro.

According to ChargerLabthe component photos show a mysterious chip manufactured by retimer. This is commonly used to rebuild signals and reduce transfer noise on Thunderbolt-enabled devices.

While any USB-C device supports transfer rates of 5 to 10 Gb per second, a device with Thunderbolt support can reach speeds of 40 Gbp per second. This would offer clear and very large benefits to professional users who use their iPhone as a work tool.

Not just faster transfers, also faster charging on iPhone 15 with USB-C

The inclusion of Thunderbolt technology to the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Not only would it offer higher transfer rates, it could also result in an iPhone 15 that charges — at least with a cable — faster than previous models.

But the presence of the Retimer chup does not guarantee that this will happen. There is also a strong possibility that the iPhone 15 with USB-C and Thunderbolt support are limited to Pro and Pro Max versionsas a differentiating element due to its higher price and benefits.

All the details of the iPhone 15 will be revealed on September 12 or 13, when the traditional launch event for new Apple devices is held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park.

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