Saturday, September 30, 2023

iPhone 15: USB-C cable included with the smartphone may be limited to USB 2.0 speeds

In recent weeks, reports have shed light on the possible inclusion of Thunderbolt connectivity and the use of USB-C cables in the iPhone 15 box. However, a new revelation could leave some fans with a bittersweet surprise.

The tech community seems to have reached a consensus around a key feature of the iPhone 15: the adoption of the USB-C connector to replace the iconic Apple-patented Lightning connector. The transition to USB-C promises a number of benefits, from greater compatibility to fast charging capabilities and faster data transfers.

Although the implementation of USB-C in the iPhone 15 remains a mystery, recent leaks have provided a tantalizing insight. Images released earlier this month showed USB-C connectors believed to be on the new iPhones.

Specialists in the field, quoted in 9to5Mac, noted the presence of a Retimer chip in these components, similar to those found in Thunderbolt devices. This suggests the possibility of transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbpsa substantial improvement over the capabilities of the Lightning connector.

Recently, images of braided USB-C cables presumed to be made by Apple. Available in various vibrant colors, these cables are 1.5 meters in length, making them more durable and convenient for users.

iPhone 15 cable

A wire…limited

According to the investigations of the insider who calls himself Majin Bu, Despite their modern looks and USB-C connector, these new braided cables are limited to USB 2.0 speeds.. This means that in terms of data transfer, we would be looking at the same speeds that the Lightning connector offers, reaching a maximum of 480 Mbps.

The mystery surrounding the transfer speed of the iPhone 15 adds to the speculation about compatibility with Thunderbolt. ChargerLAB, known for its accurate findings, previously detected a Thunderbolt chip in the iPhone 15’s USB-C connector. This raises the possibility of Apple reserving Thunderbolt capabilities for the higher-end iPhone 15 Pro models.

Another theory suggests that all new iPhone 15 models will support Thunderbolt, but Apple will market Thunderbolt cables separately. Since Thunderbolt cables tend to be more expensive than standard USB-C cables, this strategy would allow users to choose the experience they want and whether they are willing to invest in faster data transfer.

With all these unknowns at stake, Apple enthusiasts and followers of the brand will have to wait until September 12 or 13, when the company is rumored to hold a special press event to officially unveil the iPhone. fifteen.


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