Sunday, June 4, 2023

iPhone 15 UItra would have an unexpected surprise from Apple: a more powerful camera

In a completely unexpected move (due to the recent history of the company) a strong rumor has emerged that it could be about to renew its rear camera module once again with the next iPhone 15 Ultra.

This is a report that takes many of us by surprise, especially after considering what had happened to the Cupertino boys in the most recent models. To measure it, it is necessary to review a little the context in which this rumor arises with a high probability of being true.

One factor that has set Apple apart for years is their refusal to improve their hardware until they have been able to exploit its full profit potential in the marketplace. This is how for almost 7 years the company of Tim Cook He never touched his iPhone’s rear camera module, improving image quality solely through software.

All this while Android grew by leaps and bounds with the technology to embed powerful and robust lenses in the photographic rear modules.

It was not until with its more robust models that Apple finally deigned to improve this section after more than half a decade stuck with the same lenses by adding a 48 MP sensor.

The figure sounds ridiculous compared to the 108 MP that has been positioned as a relative standard on Android. But the jump in image quality is brutal. And now everything indicates that they are about to implement another improvement.

The iPhone 15 Ultra would have a much more powerful camera

According to the informant revengusWith a more than respectable track record of reliability in the community, Apple’s iPhone 15 Ultra will come with a major update to its rear photo module incorporating a telephoto lens with a variable zoom lens.

If that sounds familiar to you, it is because it is precisely the supposed same configuration that we would see in the next Samsung Galaxy S24Ultra, So, if the report is true, we would be facing a competition of even level in terms of hardware.

Apparently Apple would seek to repeat the play with the Lightning ports if it migrates to USB-C with the iPhone 15 now using proprietary cables.

It is important to consider that today Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max currently has an optical zoom camera that reaches up to 3x. While the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra integrates 3x and 10x telephotos into its rear camera.

Due to this, when comparing the visual results of both images, Samsung achieves much better captures when using these lenses to portray objects at a great distance.

But now the playing field is about to become more even, with rumors that the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra alike will feature individual telephoto sensors with a variable system to zoom to different degrees at will.

It should be clarified that the iPhone 15 Pro Max would not exist, and that instead what we would have would be the iPhone 15 Ultra.


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